Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The One with Jane at 4 Months

Jane is 4 months new today!
Length: 25" (50-75%) 
Weight: 14 pounds 9 ounces (50-75%) 
Head circumference: 16.5" (50-75%)
Because I like comparing, here she is at 1, 2, 3, and now 4 months:
It seems like overnight Jane went from an infant to a baby - if that makes any sense. In just a matter of days she started eating rice cereal and we upped her to size 2 diapers!
Here are some pics of her first time eating rice cereal:
She was actually eating it! I was surprised because I remember the first time we tried feeding Fox rice cereal he spat every single bite right back out. But Jane got the chewing motions going on and everything. Maybe she was super hungry? Unfortunately, it didn't help her sleep longer like I was hoping it would. More about that later.
She's now in size 2 diapers - it was a few weeks overdue (she was having lots of pee-outs (as opposed to blow-outs (she's only had a couple of those so far miraculously))) but I just couldn't let go of the fact that my baby is growing and buy size 2 until now! Waaaaah.
A couple weeks ago I took Janey with me to go meet up with Amy to exchange completed work for more work, give back a craft box from a Bat Mitzvah, all that kind of fun stuff. I purposefully dressed Janey up in her custom "Jane" Amy Tangerine t-shirt!
Amy held Jane for a bit and the smiles they were giving each other simply melted my heart.
Jane is still such a content baby - she's happy doing whatever! So I've never really thought to give her toys because she hasn't seemed to need anything to keep her occupied. But, toys also help with growth and development, so a couple days ago I got her some new toys at Target. This is literally her first time playing with a toy, caught on camera:

Lots of firsts this month, including her first dip in the pool!
Sometimes I like to dress her up and take her outside to take pictures, just because. These are from one of those times:
She idolizes Fox. Maybe that's one of the reasons she hasn't seemed to need toys - she just watches Fox all day!
He can get her to laugh like Chris and I can't! I didn't get the best giggles on camera, but this'll do for now :)

Just a few minutes ago as I was writing this post, Jane was taking a nap on our bed and she started waking up and making cute noises. Fox, for the first time, started saying "Jane! Jane! Jane!" out loud, ran over to the bed, climbed up onto it, and gave her kisses on the head, without me even asking her to! That is by far the most affection he's ever showed her without us forcing him to. Progress people! They'll be besties soon enough!
Her sleeping habits? Worse than ever. She goes to bed between 6:30-7:00pm, super easily, thank goodness. I bathe her, dress her, feed her, swaddle her, put her in her crib, and she's out like a light within 10 minutes. No extra rocking or coaxing needed! So different from Fox. I go to bed around 10pm and then Jane wakes up at 11:30-12:00 (= a 1.5 nap for mama and a 5 hour stretch for baby...).  I run into the nursery as soon as I hear her making noise because I don't want her to wake Fox up. I grab her and take her into our room to feed her and then place her in between us in her baby box. Then she wakes up again at 3:30am and 6:30am. Sigh. It's hard to sleep with her right next to me because every noise she makes (and she makes them constantly) wakes me up. I'm going to try putting her in the pack'n'play at night after her first feeding to hopefully help me sleep better. And cross my fingers that she'll start sleeping longer. I'm feeding her pretty sporadically throughout the day, so I also want to start trying to go 3-4 hours between feedings instead of whenever willy nilly. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
She's doing great her in carrier whenever I need to take the dog out to go potty or when I need to simultaneously hold her and use my hands. She's about to fall asleep here:
She's starting to grab things and can sit up for a millisecond. Other than that it's still just eat, sleep, poop, repeat! It's hard to believe that in about 8 more months she'll be walking - it all happens so fast!
Heavens to Betsy I love this girl!


Carolyn Taylor said...

She is a little angel!!!! I can't wait to see her!

his little lady said...

Aw, you got so lucky! She is just the most content baby ever! And I'm so envious of her baby blues. Fingers crossed that in the future my genes will outweigh Eric's in that department ;)

L said...

She's beautiful Paige!!!

Rappleye Family said...

Awwwe :) Look at her! It's crazy how fast they change!! I am sorry you are sleep deprived, I remember those days....:(

Karin Åkesdotter said...

She's ADORABLE!!! Such wonderful pictures!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awwwwwwwwww she is sooooooooooo precious!! I just LOVE her!!!! And loving that Fox went up to see her all on his own! That is so special! I hope she starts sleeping for you better soon!!!!

Cathy said...

She is just happy Fox and her are becoming best buddies!

The Clems said...

adorbs! she is a doll!

Chris said...

My goodness. That is one cute little girl! We are so lucky to have her and her big brother! We hit the jackpot!

Lauren said...

She is seriously one of the prettiest babies I know! And I wish I had as great a wardrobe as she does! Seriously, all her outfits are beyond cute!

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

She is beautiful! I can't even imagine all the pictures you must be taking ;)

Dawn said...

She's adorable! You could try putting her back in the nursery at night to see if that helps with her sleep! She's probably waking with you moving around trying to sleep!

sandee said...

She is growing into such a beauty! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Laurie LaRiviere said...

she is really sweet, I think she looks like you! can't believe it's four months already...

Allison Taylor said...

Woah, she really looks older than when we just saw her a few weeks ago! Her photos eating food is adorable. I think it's so cute that she idolizes fox!!

I'm just a simple gal said...

Edward was a lot like Jane as a baby!!! I was truly blessed, he was soooo good and he was so ready to "EAT" cereal. He loved it and did it like a natural like baby Jane.

I'm just a simple gal said...

Edward was a lot like Jane as a baby!!! I was truly blessed, he was soooo good and he was so ready to "EAT" cereal. He loved it and did it like a natural like baby Jane.

andie librandi. said...

Gosh she is adorable & so photogenic! (You've got lots of great scrapping material!) This post sooo makes me ready to have a little girl! :)

Jessica B - crafty_chic_girl said...

jane is adorable! my niece is just a few weeks older and it is amazing how quickly they seem to go from the infant to baby stage...

Charlotte said...

She's so gorgeous! You are one lucky lady x