Friday, September 21, 2012

The One with Thursday Thoughts, Confessions, Updates, Etc.

Just to warn you, this post is going to be very random! I always have lots of thoughts running through my head and this here blog is a great place to let them all out. It's like my own version of a Pensieve, if you will.

"Will ya hold still for one second, I'm trying to take your picture!"
"Nope. Sorry Charlie. I'ma wiggle my arms and legs until the cows come home!"

Halloween is only 41 days away! I've been pinning ideas left and right for Halloween decor, costumes, food, and such. I'm not throwing Fox another big birthday party like I did last year though - I'm still recovering from that! Maybe next year. And I feel like I'm letting myself down not constructing Fox or Jane a one-of-a-kind costume, but I just can't squeeze any more projects in. Instead, we purchased Fox a Buzz costume - I can't wait for him to try it on!
Maybe next year he can be a fox.
Still trying to figure out what Jane will be. And yes, I'm still having that recurring dream about trick-or-treating... 41 days!

There's an empty lot by our house that I just can't get enough of.
It's where we took the pictures of our family of three a couple hours before Jane was born. It's where we took some photos for Jane's newborn shoot below. I'm sure that won't be the last time we photograph there! It's so versatile - the weeds are always changing and the range of wildflowers turns over every other week. I love it.

I have a secret crush on Justin Beiber. 
I guess it isn't such a secret anymore! I HAVE A CRUSH ON JUSTIN BEIBER! I wish I didn't. Really. It's embarrassing. But man oh man he's got a smooth voice! Pretty sure I could listen to "As Long as You Love Me" on repeat all day long and watch this video over and over. I don't particularly care for the long beginning and end, but the middle part with the actual song is off the chain. Did I just say that?
I wonder how Selena Gomez feels about this video, and all his other music videos for that matter.

2013 calendars are hot off the press!
I just finished printing them so now I need to cut them out and add them to my etsy shop! Getting an early start this year. 

Fox sure knows how to boost our self confidence. He grabs my belly which is one big flab of skin and exclaims, "Squishy! Squishy!" Or he grabs Chris' face and does the same thing. Thanks Fox, we're workin' on it...

Speaking of weight loss and what not, I only weigh myself on Saturdays. I've been keeping track of my weight loss on my Operation: Weight Loss post. On August 4th when I started my "diet" I weighed 165 pounds. As of Saturday September 15th I weighed 151.9 pounds. Which, if you open up your handy dandy calculator, is a difference of 13.1 pounds. It's only since I got the go ahead to exercise two weeks ago that I've really started watching what I eat and doing actual exercise. I rotate between workout videos and running and weight lifting and I'm finally seeing little results and feeling better about myself. I'm still super out of shape though - my goal is still 120 pounds by January 1st! Slow and steady wins the race!

My mother-in-law and Chris took Fox to Lacy Park the other day and picked a yellow rose (which is a no-no but apparently it just snapped off when Fox was trying to smell it... oops) and it's now housed in a bottle - an actual milk bottle that Fox drinks from, lol. Whatever works!

I love scary movies. I do I do I do. It all started when we used to watch X-Files as a family on Sunday nights. I'm soooo excited to go see House At The End of the Street tomorrow night.
I hope I don't get nightmares!

Why is it that food tastes so much better when it's cooked by someone else?
My mother-in-law made our dinner the past few days and it feels like we've been eating like kings!

Hello, I'd like to introduce you to my barnacle: a marine crustacean with an external shell, which attaches itself permanently to a variety of surfaces:
Aside from her not being a marine crustacean or having an external shell, the rest is true! She's attached to me permanently one way or another! My little barnacle :)

Jane says, "Goodnight ya'll!"


*reyanna klein* said...

Oh, she's SOOOO pretty! I can't wait to meet her some day! :-)

CJ Johnson said...

Baby looks terrific, great photos.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Such a fun post!! And I have a Justin Crush too!!!!!! :)

Mel said...

That is the cutest barnacle EVER!! She is so sweet. Great post:)

Kings said...

i thoroughly enjoyed that justin bieber video, thank you very much :)

Diana Waite said...

Hello Ms. Random! I'm RANDOM too!! ;) totally digging the pensieve thing--wish I had one. In fact I have a time turner hanging right over my craft desk--wish it worked! ;) ANYWAY--guess I need to be thinking about Halloween--I've only two costumes to really worry about this year...Your girlie is DARLING!

sandee said...

Love the random post, I had not seen the video before so I watched it. Maybe I'm just too old, but his dancing style reminds me of Michael Jackson, lol LOVE the pictures of Jane, but missing Fox! Can't wait to see him in his Buzz Lightyear costume! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

his little lady said...

Aw, those last two pictures of Jane are just precious. You and your little peanut are just attached at the hip, rightfully so. And Fox HAS to go as a Fox next year. That costume is beyond precious.
And let's not even talk about J.Biebs and how many times I've watched that video. It's kind of depressing. ha

SupaFlowaPowa said...

Love the photos of little Jane! As for the weight loss - congrats girl! Work it! Don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat so inches matter too, good luck - you are bomb diggity!

Jen said...

Justin? Really? I live 45 minutes away from his hometown, Stratford Ontario in Canada. I drive there every few months to go to the chocolate store there. Best chocolate around these parts.

You're sweet baby Jane is so adorable. My second born is about a month older than Fox. My third will be here sometime around Halloween unless he comes early.

Melissa said...

Paige- who DOESN'T have a crush on Mr. Beiber, that's the real question. Don't we all? LOL. That video was intense! And congrats on your weight loss! I've been working out and eating well for almost 3 months and have lost almost 3 pounds, we didn't all get the skinny genes I guess :) Keep up the good work...

Behind the Mist Trilogy said...

I don't understand why that vacant lot looks so beautiful when you take a picture of it and just like a bunch of weeds in real life! I think the Fox costume is so adorable!!! You even made our dinner look good! Love you. ME