Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The One with an Update and Comparisons

Divert thine eyes or skip below to the pictures if you don't want to read labor updates.
I went to my last doctor appointment yesterday morning. 3-4cm and 50% effaced. She stripped my membranes. Ouch. I had my "bloody show" in the afternoon. I had contractions all day yesterday - nothing painful or very consistent. I woke up in the middle of the night cuz I thought it might be happening. False alarm. No contractions today. 
Here we are. 
No baby. 
I'm going NUTS. 
I'm sure if I went to the hospital and they broke my water and gave me pitocin I'd have a baby in my arms in a matter of hours. I guess we'll just have to wait until Sunday to do that. And that's only if there's a room available. Heaven help me, it feels like I'm going to be pregnant F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

My mom is a half hour away so that's something to look forward to and keep me distracted.

Chris was super husband/dad and took Fox to Jump 'n Jammin this morning. Meanwhile I assembled the baby swing, play mat, and bouncer. As soon as Fox walked in the door what do you think he did? Climbed right up into the swing. I cannot believe how big he's gotten in less than two years! Jane is going to feel like a feather!
And then he found the newly reassembled mat so of course I had to compare those as well. 
Apparently the only thing Fox ever wears is stripes.

Whelp. I hope next time I blog it'll be saying we're having a baby!


Chris said...

Ha! Look at his legs when he's lying down on the activity mat, they're in the same position!

Kylie said...

I feel your pain! I'm 36.5 weeks along and ready to be done soon. We toured the hospital last night and I wanted to just check in right then haha.

Karin Åkesdotter said...

(-: Absolutely wonderful pictures!!!

Lilith Eeckels said...

The last weeks are sooo long. And to think I was 10 days overdue with Elouan! I was going bonkers and thought I'd explode. He came the day before I had to be induced so Saturday she'll be here! That is my guess!

Kristin said...

hahaha! so cute. his mouth is open too in both pics! oooh getting so excited for you!! I was 8 days overdue so I understand! maybe do something crafty like design baby jane's announcement so all you have to do is pop the photo in when she gets here :) good luck!!

Samantha said...

Look at you Paige! what along but very exciting week! The joy of holding your baby girl, ahh I think I am jealous. Take care and have a fabulous "birth" day.xoxoxoox

beckyjune said...

How fun that you have these comparison pictures! Good luck with the baby- it sounds like it's getting close!

Kristin said...

Or you can do this:

Cathy said...

Oh so excited for you, she will be here soon!
Love the photos of Fox, how fun!
I will have you in my thoughts all week! Take care!

his little lady said...

aw, i hope so too!! can't wait!!

Cassandra King said...

I've been thinking about you today. Hurry up Jane! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So exciting!!!!! She will be here before you know it!! LOVING the comparison photos!! So PRECIOUS!!

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

So sweet! Hope you go into labor soon! Your kids are going to have a very similar age gap to my kids. Well, the first two. ;)

Stefanie Eskander said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog when I was searching for South Pasadena movie film locations. We have lots in common... (although I'm old enough to be your mother) My husband and I both grew up in South Pas, and South Pasadena Ward is my home ward. We've been gone more years than you've been alive, but I still have friends there. You might want to check out my blog, when you are up in the middle of the night nursing your new baby! (Which will hopefully arrive very soon!)
I'm also a scrapbooker, but I'm digital. It would be great to meet you someday!

Laurie LaRiviere said...

We had a false alarm like that about two weeks before Zachary was born, went to the hospital and everything, then nothing, had to be induced on his due date, sooo hard to wait, I know how you feel!! My daughter came a month early so I thought Zachary would too, but he wanted to stay inside...just wait till you bring Jane home, Fox is going to look SO HUGE to you! best of luck, will be checking back here hoping for baby Jane photos! seems like just yesterday you said you were preggo :)

Jen said...

C'mon Jane!
Hope you have an easy labor and delievery, Paige.
I'm only 25 weeks along myself. The next 13-15 weeks are going to be so slow! I'm ready for baby now.

sandee said...

I am so praying that you have a smooth delivery and am looking forward to pictures of baby Jane! Take it easy, and rest up! Had a giggle over Fox wearing stripes in every picture, and yes, he is getting to be such a big boy! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OH MY! I can't believe you haven't had your little one yet! Praying for you!! And for Baby Jane;)

Super cute pics--I love that Fox got right into the swing! SO CUTE:)

Rachel said...

Thinking of you Paige! Sending good wishes and lots of love...

Rappleye Family said...

:) Good luck