Sunday, April 15, 2012

The One with Fox at 18 Months

It's Fox's year-and-a-half birthday today! The big 18 months! Tomorrow he starts Nursery!!!! We had a routine doctor's appointment on Monday and he was hamming it up for the doctor. That's my boy :) She says he's doing great and we're doing great and that's just great!

 Length: 35" (50-75%) 
 Weight: 25 pounds (25-50%) 
 Head circumference: 19.5" (90%)

In the last month, we have spent more time outside and at the park than his entire first 18 months combined. Okay, I'm probably exaggerating, but that's what it feels like! This boy loves being outside!
At the park is the only time he ventures off on his own and leaves my side for more than 30 seconds at a time. I love him more than words can express, but boy it's sweet relief to have a little freedom!
He's allllllmost going down the slide by himself. It still kinda scares him.
In conjunction with all the jungle gyms at the park, he seems to be climbing up on chairs and benches and couches in our apartment more and more. Monkey man!
We go on lots of long walks outside and I follow him wher'er he wants to go. Whenever an airplane flies by he stops mid-stride, looks up and sees if he can find the culprit, and says "air!".
Yeah, we still use a pacifier. It pacifies him.
He loooooooooves playing with cars and making them go "brrrrrrrrrrrrm".
It's amazing how much he watches me and does things that I do. At the park he found this little girl's mini stroller and pushed it around for a half hour straight. He likes being Mommy :) At home he likes to take the dust pan and brush and sweep things up and when things spill he grabs toilet paper and wipes it up... Do I clean too much?
We discovered my camera can take pictures backwards and spent a few fun minutes snapping photos of ourselves.
One of the bigger developments this month we discovered on a quick morning trip to IKEA. Apparently they serve free breakfast every Monday - woohoo! So we got him a plate of food and gave him a fork and imagine our surprise when he actually started using the fork to feed himself! It's so funny how just one day, out of the blue, he'll start doing things; just like learning how to crawl, walk, talk, etc. 
Chris left his closet door open one morning so Fox proceeded to take out all of Chris's shoes and try them on. He successfully put on this Sperry and did a lap.
He's saying "Hi" and "Bye" more and more and in the right context. He's pronouncing "shoes" with better clarity. He's also saying "hot" when things are hot, but it seems he also thinks food is called hot, so we'll work on distinguishing those things.
Love ya little big man!


Dassow Mommy said...

Happy year-and-a-half birthday, Fox! You look like your cousin Evelynd in the photo with the cars -- there actually is a family resemblance! Your cousin also loves the park and the slides (and being by her mama at all times), so I think you'll have fun together soon. Miss you!

Chris said...

Cutest. Boy. Ever!

Louella said...

Such a gorgeous little boy!! Time sure does go quickly! My little man learnt to crawl today! So exciting and such a proud mummy moment! Oh and my baby boy loves his dummy (pacifier) too!!

Carolyn Taylor said...

Cutest. Boy. Ever! EVER!

Diana Waite said...

YEAH for nursery!!! :) He is ADORABLE!!

Rachel said...

This cute boy has the best hair, have I mentioned that? Seriously, what a cutie!

Laurie LaRiviere said...

He's such a little doll face! can I say that about a boy? congrats Fox on the big 18 month birthday, you are growing so fast!

Allison Taylor said...

ah! little fox is growing up so fast! I love that he loves playing outside. aaand that one picture of fox wearing chris' shoe reminds me of that one when you were little wearing moms heels :)

p.s. how do your camera take pictures backwards??

*reyanna klein* said...

Oh, I LOOOOOVE these posts! I look forward to them every month, and THANK YOU for inspiring me to do my own. Okay, I've skipped two months! LOL. I *did* take photos those two months that I skipped, AND I took notes, so I can always go back later. ;-)

And of course, he is SOOOO cute! Love all these photos. Can't wait to see you guys again! :-)

Keshet said...

Oh he is so cute! And I want to see a belly shot from you, mama!

His Little Lady said...

oh gosh, that picture of fox in the yellow shirt!!! he looks JUST like chris!!

Rappleye Family said...

18 months???? YOWSER!!!!!!!!