Friday, December 30, 2011

The One with Christmas in Utah Days 1+2+3

We got to Utah in the early evening Monday and after we settled at the Taylor's house I drove out to my favorite Thai food restaurant in Orem (Thai Drift) to pick up some curry. So good. 

Tuesday all the Evans' went to do a session at the Salt Lake temple but I stayed behind to see family and go to a work party. First order of business: lunch at Noodles & Company. It's funny how vacations revolve around food. You gotta eat at your favorite places while you can!
I got buttered noodles and Fox got the Wisconsin mac and cheese. 
He liked it a lot :)
Coming soon to Orem: J Dawgs! No way! This once little po-dunk stand at BYU is turning into a franchise! Come on over to LA!
I visited my Warner grandparents and admired the beautiful sunset across the Wasatch mountains and valley. 
That night I went to the Northridge work party at the Riverwoods Country Club.
It was so serendipitous that I was in town for the occasion! It was SOOOO FUN to see all the people that I work with on a daily basis via emails and chat IN REAL LIFE. It had been YEARS since I'd seen Pam - the Editor in Chief - and Tammy - the Editor of the Cricut Mags - and all the photographers and designers and ad managers and everyone else who keeps the mags running. I can't believe how much this company has grown since I started working there six years ago. Everyone took up three entire rooms!
I sat next to my good friend Alisha and we chatted all night long. I love my co-workers :)

Wednesday morning was MTC day! Seven years ago Chris went into the MTC. That was one of the hardest days of my life. As you can see from my face. 
In the morning Grandma Doris hosted a good-bye brunch for Nick. Afterwards we sat down and talked about this and that until it was time to go. 
They don't do the drop-off and video and take their leisurely time like they used to. Ever since the Swine Flu epidemic a couple years ago you roll in, kick your kid to the curb, and say peace out - see you in two years! I actually like the process - quick and painless. Well. I guess it's not painless. Two years is a long time to not see your son/brother/friend.

We found a parking lot to stop and take some pictures before we dropped Nick off. 
We drove into the MTC and were guided to a numbered spot. There a group of missionaries greeted Nick and helped unload his bags. I love this picture of Margi and her look of supreme adoration. 
Saying goodbye to Pops. 
Saying goodbye to Mom. 
Bye Nick! Go forth and serve! See you in two years!
We went to the BYU Creamery on 9th after we dropped Nick off, took naps, and then said our goodbyes. We woke up at 3:30am and flew back home to LA. 

We had a merry Christmas with family! Now it's back to the grindstone :)


The Theodores said...

sorry we couldn't make the nick/logan chat work! see you soon again hopefully!

Jennifer said...

Oh the picture of you and Chris made me tear up! :( May Nick's mission be successful (not LDS, so hopefully that comes across right!)

Carolyn Taylor said...

Sending sons on missions is rewarding/hard/exciting/scary/sad and happy all at the same time. I'm happy for Nick and Tom and Margie. What an exciting time for them all. Great post, Pailge!

Louella said...

All the best to Nick, what great photos to commemorate a memorable moment in life!

em said...

mmmmm. love noodles. :)

Dassow Mommy said...

So glad I am getting to know you more than that day we took Chris to the MTC! Thanks for a fun Christmas and letting us be such impositions.

Dassow Mommy said...
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Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OH--that pic of you and Chris made my heart break!!! I can only imagine how horrible that must have felt/been--not seeing him for 2 years!

*reyanna klein* said...

Oh, good GOD, your face in that photo. It makes me want to cry! Oh Lord, thank you for a happy ending. Thank you that Chris and Paige aren't apart any longer. :-)

Jeremy was in boot camp for only 8 weeks (after we were married about nine months), and saying goodbye was SOOOO hard! We were both hysterical. *sigh* And then we both cried every, single day. :-( It's SO hard being away. I'm such a wuss. LOL. :-p

I'm glad you guys had a good time! :-)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

um, i might be praying for all girls now. this whole mission process seems terrible! plus, i went through this all with eric. very sad. but constant emails make it a little bit better!

Chris said...

Second trip to Provo without going to J Dawgs! We're failures!

Melissa said...

That picture! Your face! The pain! It was so real. I'm glad that you have that picture. You can show it to your girls when they are in love induced pain and they'll know you understand!

Melu103 said...

aww love :(
that picture you look so sad!
but i completely understand the pain
I haven't seen Sebastian in almost
a year and it sucks EVERY SINGLE
day of my life. I miss him terribly
and saying good bye it's the hardest.

:) great post love


Melina ♥

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Diana Waite said...

my goodness that picture of you and Chris in front of "the sign" pulls at my heart strings! So glad to know the process is not drawn out...I remember sitting in the mtc waiting room while parents said good bye and went out one door and missionaries went out the other. I just wanted to get on my mission! happy new year to you!