Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The One with More Disney at Halloween

My aunt, her daughter-in-law Ashley (so my cousin's wife (cousin-in-law?)) and Ashley's daughter Alli (so my first cousin once removed and Fox's second cousin - get it?) came down to LA to celebrate Alli's 5th birthday at Disneyland! The happiest place on earth! Of course we wanted to meet up with them and say hello.
So. Crowded. I bet this picture gives my dad shivers. He's anti-crowds.
Still all decked out for Halloween!
Riding the carousel.
The park closed early for a special Trick-or-Treat event thingy, so we went over to Disney's California Adventure. First stop: A Bug's Life. We got these awesome 3D glasses and tried to make Fox wear them.
Fox lasted 30 seconds in the show before it got loud and he got scared.
A Fox amongst the pumpkins.
Our goal was to stay until the World of Color show because we STILL haven't seen it and it's on our bucket list. The show was supposed to start at 8:15. At 8:15 the lights dimmed and the music started playing. And then it stopped. 5 minutes later it started and stopped again. 5 minutes later it started and stopped again. Meanwhile Fox was having a cow because it was way past his bedtime so we said forget it and gave up. Lame-o! We'll have to come back another day.
Total Disneyland count since we've lived here: 39
I just noticed yesterday when I log onto Disneyland.com it keeps count of our visits. We're definitely getting our money's worth out of our annual passes!


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

aw, poor fox. just so tired. but that picture of him in the pumpkin patch is adorable!!!!

Chris said...

Stupid World of Color show! I can't believe it!

Laurie LaRiviere said...

looks like you had a lot of fun!

Jen said...

So jealous of your Disneyland visits. I turned 30 this summer and went to Disney World for the first time ever. Never been to Disneyland. I'm already planning our next trip to Disney World. I wanted to go next year. Hubby is staying in three years. So I'm planning on 2013. I want to take my boys while the Halloween stuff is going on. I can't wait!

Jennifer Simmons said...

38 times?! That's nuts. Good job.

Punk Rock Mom said...

I am really contemplating passes for Christmas!

Carolyn Taylor said...

I'm so jealous!

Ashley said...

Love the pictures, your little guy is really really cute. Ha, Alli was so tired when we left, she fell right to sleep so she wouldn't have made it through the World of Color show. Thanks for posting!

Diana Waite said...

looks like FUN! we were just there like 2 weeks ago--I almost emailed you but then thought that would be weird and sort of stockerish.... :) We missed the world of color show as well...you'll have to tell me about it when you get to see it.

Erica said...

how Fun!!! I wonder what our count is since we've been here.... I should've been keeping track!

JenniferSanborn said...

I love Disney's seasonal decorations. :) I wish I would have taken more pictures in a FL a few weeks ago...but I ran into crowds too...made it difficult! I hope you're able to get to World Of Color...I hear it's great!

SupaFlowaPowa said...

Paige!!!! you have a season pass and have never senn the World of Colors? I have seen it twice ans I have only been to Disneyland twice since it came out - ahhhhhh you must go!!!!!!!! It is just spectacular and you will leave singing.... world of color!!!!!!!! So much fun, I love Disneyland and the holidays make it even better, thanks for sharing photos, we live vicariously through you!!!!

*reyanna klein* said...

So sad you couldn't see World of Color. I haven't seen it either, but I hear it's wonderful! I do hope you get to see it one day. :-)

And 38 times?! You've kept count? HOW??!?! LOL. That really is awesome. I wish I would have kept count how many times *I've* been. I wonder if it's in the hundreds now. LOL. :-p

Thanks for the awesome photos! :-)

p.s. I miss you so. :-)

Emily said...

I'm so super jealous that you live so close and are able to go there so often. I guess that's like us and Six Flags over Mid-America though. Not really comparable though, are they? LOL

Looks like you all had a great time even though Mr. Fox got a bit tired!!

Kell said...

Oh gosh.. I miss Disneyland!! I need to live closer to it again. Especially during the holidays. I'm glad you guys had fun!

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

Dland this time of year is just crazy busy with people, but we love going too ;)

Veronica said...

We just took a trip to Disneyland this past weekend! Love all the Halloween decor they have everywhere. I think we did all of the 3D rides and shows (except Bugs Life, too scary for me, hehe) at both parks. Looks like you had fun.

Delaney Gates said...

How fun! It must be so nice to live so close. Love the peeks of Disneyland at Halloween. Post some during the Christmas season if y'all go, too!

Charlene said...

Wonderful pictures Page!!! Disneyland is my favorite place on Earth!!! Your son is adorable!!!

Virginia L. said...

Thanks for posting the photos! Yes, you do NOT get tired of Disneyland...I can relate to that!! LOVE the pumpkins and your sweet family photos!