Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The One with the Hippie Birthday Party

This past Saturday I worked at a birthday party that was so magnanimous and epic that Amy had to find 18 people to help with the craft stations alone! I enlisted Kate and Ashley to help me help her help them - get it? got it? good :) The party was "hippie" themed and I was definitely seeing spots by the end of the night, haha.
The three of us worked at the wallets and purses table. All the staff got to wear these awesome possum Grateful Dead shirts. Rock on.
Kids came and overdosed on puffy paint and jewels and a rainbow of markers to create purses and coin bags which were all donated to foster moms.
Even Kelly Purkey came all the way out from New York and Ann-Marie came out from Utah to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event. Kelly worked at the hat decorating table along with Cindy and Ann-Marie worked at the placemat decorating table with her mom.
There was also a table to decorate lunch bags which were then donated:
A jelly belly bar with a "happy pills" theme:
An actual stage was brought in for the party and we were entertained all day and night by many talented people and bands. We helped set up a bunch of blankets and oversized pillows all across the sloping hill in the backyard (you can see them in the background of the very first photo of this post). The perfect venue!
There was also sugar cookie decorating. I wanted someone to pay me the big bucks to eat that 5" thick frosted Christmas tree cookie!
Other booths included hair braiding (I got mine done in a fishtail towards the end of the night), feathers for your hair (I finally got 'feathered'), henna tattoos, face painting, colored hair spray, a tent to gamble and all proceeds were donated to charity, and so many more I can't even remember. For food there were shish-kabobs, a grilled cheese truck, a hamburger truck, a brownie bar, an actual bar, a cart which popped popcorn, a cotton candy maker, a little cart full of fancy desserts, an Asian food table, a concoct your own ice-cream sandwich truck, and again, so much more I can't even remember. So. Much. Food.

At night the lights lit up and twinkled.
There were these blown up balloons that must have been 6 feet across that were floating among the trees and glowed so bright!
The stage at night as we were leaving.
The nice thing about this event was, yeah, they have more money than Fort Knox, but so much of it went to charity and for good causes. Makes me feel all warm inside :)


lyndsey said...

what the freak?! this is the most insane party i've ever seen. was it for a celeb? you have the best job :) fly ME out for one of these suckers next time.

Dassow Mommy said...

Do you know any of the people you do these for? I know you can't disclose who they are, but can you tell us if you knew them before you worked there?

♥k said...

How fun!!! I would've loved to have attended that party either as a guest or working it!

kate said...

so fun paige! thanks again. I felt so cool being at this dream party. In 2020 lets have a combined party for Beck and Fox just like this one.

and you forgot to mention the booth putting feathers in your hair. thats what really made me feel cool! Me and all the 9 yr old girls. =]

Marlene McCune said...

What an insane party! Those rich LA peeps are quite the party-ers!

Sierra said...

WOW-ZA! That is a party that never in a million years would I dream of being able to attend! :O Sounds like it was a night to remember!!! :)

sandee said...

what a fantastic job you have, I was glad to hear they were raising money for charity :)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

those tie-dye balloos are saweeet! love hippie anything!!

Blake and Erica said...

Wow that looks like a crazy party!! Fun :)

Natt Smith said...

Such a colorful event !!Inspired and make me wanna eat those cookies lol

Allison Taylor said...

A hippie party! My kind of thang ;) That looks really fun though!

Chris said...

Ri-dic-u-lous. I can't fathom spending that much money on a party. At least you got to enjoy it!