Friday, July 29, 2011

The One with the Well Traveled Fox

Friday afternoon marked Fox's 16th flight. He'll complete his 17th and 18th in a little bit when we fly to Denver for the annual Evans family reunion. Then after that no more flights in sight! I must say, I'm quite relieved. It's getting increasingly difficult to fly with Fox's increasing mobility. I thought I'd do a round up of Fox's air travels thus far! Three destinations took two flights to get to, there and back, so that's 12 flights right there.

1st flight: February 25th 2011. LA to Austin.

2nd flight: February 28th 2011. Austin to LA. No pictures.

3rd flight: March 16th 2011. LA to Salt Lake City.

4th flight: March 22nd. Salt Lake City to LA.

5th flight: April 19th 2011. Burbank to Oakland.

6th flight: April 19th 2011. Oakland to Seattle.

7th flight: April 26th 2011. Seattle to Oakland.

8th flight: April 26th 2011. Oakland to Burbank.

9th flight: July 8th 2011. LA to Honolulu.

10th flight: July 8th 2011. Honolulu to Lihue.

11th flight: July 15th 2011. Lihue to Honolulu.

12th flight: July 15th 2011. Honolulu to LA.

13th flight: July 26th 2011. Burbank to Oakland.

14th flight: July 26th 2011. Oakland to Seattle.

15th flight: July 29th. Seattle to San Jose.

16th flight: July 29th: San Jose to Burbank.

Tips for traveling with a baby:
- Have him/her drink a bottle or suck on a toy or pacifier for take off and landing. Helps with ear pressure.
- The magazines in the seatback pockets are free. Let your baby go to town with them.
- Babies require a LOT of stuff when traveling. Carseat. Stroller. Pack'n'Play. Food. Clothes. Bibs. Bottles. Toys. Etc. Pack the essentials in a large diaper bag (make sure you have an extra set of clothes for blowouts!), fill the cracks with toys, and check the rest.
- Make sure you bring your baby's shot records or SS card to validate his/her age.
- It helps that Fox loves being doted on and can light up the room with his good looks and charm :)

That's all I can think of for now. Happy travels!


Laurel said...

What a lucky boy! He is so cute!

Elisabeth said...

We flew last Christmas to Virginia and I completely forgot to bring any proof of age. Yikes! It really didn't help that Miles was 20 months old at the time, so he was getting really close to the limit. Thankfully the gate agent had kids and believed me. If she hadn't I was going to try to use the airport internet to pull up my blog post about when he was born. That's almost as official as a birth certificate...

Tenia Nelson said...

Yay for the Mile High City.....I live ten minutes from the airport!!! Have tons of fun and that little one of yours is soooooo darn cute!!! Hope all is well....

Virginia L. said...

What a cute jet-setting baby!! He is going to be very worldly!

Chris said...

That is the cutest frequent flyer ever!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

I cannot believe how many rides he has been on! WOW! And I'm so impressed that he is such a good baby!! So fab:)

j.leija said...

Paige! I saw this and thought of you..and Fox of course :)

Marlene McCune said...

That is one well traveled fella! Wowza!