Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The One with How to Center Your Blog Banner Tutorial

You think there'd be an easy option for centering your blog banner in Blogger. I think it used to center itself, and maybe yours does it automatically from the template you use, but things are always changin' so you never know. Into HTML we go!

Go to your Blogger Dashboard.

Click on Design.

Click on Template Designer under the Design tab and you'll go to this screen.

Click on Advanced on the left side.

Scroll down to Add CSS and click on Add CSS.

Copy this code that's in bold and paste it in the big white box.

#Header1 {width:650px;margin:0 auto}

(the code is highlighted in blue in the picture where it needs to be pasted):

In the preview below it should center right before your eyes.
IF IT'S NOT COMPLETELY CENTERED, try changing the 650 to 550 or 750 and keep tweaking the numbers until it's centered.

Click on APPLY TO BLOG on the top right corner.
TA DA! Easy peasy!

If this didn't work for you, feel free to email me and we'll try to work it out.

What else do you want to learn how to do? Let me know and I'll make a tutorial!


Isha said...

Thanks for this tutorial Paige.I needed that:))

The Theodores said...

thanks paige! you're the BEST!

Heather said...

Thanks for your helpful tutorials! My blog can always use the help :)

Lindsey said...

I like these blog tutorials a lot! :) How did you make your banners that say pictures of us, find paige here, etc.? And how do you add them to your blog?

SupaFlowaPowa said...

This was soooooo helpful when I asked you earlier so I'm glad you shared it with everyone! Amazing!!!!! Do you know how to change the font in the blogs?

Andy Phillips said...

(this is daisy btw) never mind, i played around and figured it out - that was an easy one! do you usually upload your photos tophotobucket and html link it or do you just use the blogger upload function? should i be afraid of not having enough room eventually? your expertise is greatly appreciated! ps farmer's market tomorrow? a ton of peeps are going at 6:30 - a litttle later but if u don't have a set time - should come with!!

Punk Rock Mom said...

Thanks again. But what I really want is for my header to stretch across the whole page. Any suggestions?

Eliz Gardner said...

Thanks for the help and the comment on my post. You are the coolest! Maybe now you can explain to us how the heck to make our own special banner?! I am so stumped & mine needs a little somethin' somethin'.

Samantha Sibbet said...

oh my gosh paige, i totally did this and it worked! you are the bomb!!!! thank you!

Angela said...

Yay! Thanks a bunch!