Thursday, May 26, 2011

The One with a Pint for a Pint

If you're squeamish about blood and needles, avert your eyes, though I don't show any blood or needles in this post. I'm just sayin'.

There was a blood drive at our church last Wednesday and so for the very first time in my life I donated blood. My rationale was: I've given birth, I can do anything!
Aaaaand, I might have been more or less persuaded by the free pint of Baskin Robbins ice cream. A pint for a pint!
Holy moly there are a lot of rules and regulations and restrictions to who can give! I had to fill out like three pages of info to see if I had any infections or any medications or had taken acetamitophen in the past 72 hours or been to foreign countries from the years 1985-1999 (???) and a whole bunch of other random stuff. I'm amazed I passed! The worst part of the entire process was getting pricked to check and see if I had anemia. The nurse who worked with me was super nice and friendly and comical and made the experience easy breezy. After I got the green light that my blood was clean and pure I was lead into a chair and the deed was done.
I later learned that the more hydrated you are the faster your bag fills up. So that's why it took me forever and a day to bleed! I don't drink enough water... Live and learn!

The best part, aside from the free pint of ice cream coupon, was the snacks and goodies I munched on afterwards. You have to stay on the premises for 15 minutes to make sure you're A-OK.
They told me to keep this bandage wrap on for four hours.
I was whining to Chris that the bandage was so much more uncomfortable than the needles were but he said it was to help prevent bruising and heal the wound faster, yada yada yada :) I wore it for 2.5 hours then took it off. I got a little bruise but I've had worse from simply running into sharp corners.

Then today I picked up my free pint of Rainbow Sherbet!
Not yet Fox! This is just for Mommy!
Overall? Totally worth it. I'd donate again in a heartbeat. I really should donate more often and not just for perks on account of having "universal donor" O-type blood. But hopefully my small contribution will help out someone in need!


lyndsey said...

lol! that picture at the end is priceless -- fox looks like he's about to swipe your bite.

i always seem to have bad experiences donating. once in college, i had a new nurse who didn't know what she was doing and she made my blood squirt OUT of my arm all over my shirt. another time, i almost passed out in front of a girl i blog-stalked so i had to act like i wasn't dying AND like i didn't know who she was, but i totally did. yeah, awkward.

Allison Taylor said...

I'm impressed, Pailge! I remember taking you for a blood test and you totally freaked out. I'm so proud of you.

(This is Malm. This computer won't let me sign in as me.)

Marlene McCune said...

I never opt for sherbet, but that rainbow sherbet looks so good!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

haha, i love that you did this for the pint of sherbet. awesome! needles definitely make me squeamish, so thanks for not showing. :)

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

youre so brave!! I hate donating blood! Although I need to do it more often. If I got a pint of sherbert like you for doing it I may be more motivated, hehe! Good for you! I looove the pic of you and fox, soo cute!

Allison Taylor said...

paige. that's awesome you donated blood! I've tried before but I was either a. too young, or b. too skinny. :( maybe when I turn 18!!

sandee said...

Your lucky, I donated last week and all I got was a cookie and apple juice...I need to donate in California!!

amytangerine said...

love that! it's yet another reminder that I need to find out my blood type. Ahpo needed another blood transfusion the other night, so yes, you are doing an amazing thing!

Chris said...

Good job! I'm glad your tougher than me!

Karen Williams said...

interesting. In the UK I couldn't donate blood for a year after having a baby!

Julie said...

I've been wanting to give blood for a few years now, and keep using the excuse of getting on of my ears peirced (which was about 8 years ago). It's one of the new things that I want to try of my yearly goal of trying a new thing each month! My cousin keeps saying she just does it for the free snacks afterwards!

Holly F. said...

I love a good blood drive -- I found my favorite cookie, Le Petit Ecolier by doing blood drives!

Also, while a universal blood type is alright, it doesn't compare to the apex of blood, A+! A positive in the hooooouse!