Saturday, April 30, 2011

The One with the Royal Wedding

I've always been a tad (okay, a lot) bit fascinated by British royalty and kings and queens and princes and princesses and castles and mansions.
I was convinced when I was a little girl that I was going to grow up and be a princess (I mean, what little girl doesn't think/dream/wish that?). I really honestly and truly thought a prince was going to find me and sweep me off my feet and take me to live in his castle atop a hill. But why am I talking in the past tense, a prince did find me and sweep me off my feet (and now we're workin' on the castle part :)

Throughout my childhood I did many-a report on this queen or that queen. Off the top of my head I know I did a report on Mary Queen of Scotts, Queen Elizabeth II, and most recently in high school Princess Diana. I had to dress up like her, talk with an accent while I was giving my schpeal, the whole enchilada. We pretty much look like twins right?
Haha, not so much.

I haven't been able to sit and watch the Royal Wedding in its entirety, but from the snippets I have seen here and there I haven't been able to wipe the smile off my face! How cute are Prince William and Kate?
Not to mention her wedding dress - to die for beautiful!
I love the way they look at each other and their smiles and their ACCENTS!

And then they rode off in their horse-drawn carriage, just like at the end of Cinderella - it's a real life fairy tale wedding dream come true!
Anyways, I just love all things royalty. The end.


Malm said...

I remember that Princess Diana outfit. You looked so pretty! I've had a blast watching all the royal wedding stuff today. I hope you get to see the highlights.

Cass said...

Loved watching the wedding. Hope you get to see lots of it! :)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

The wedding was amazing! I was mostly interested to see what dress she chose, but the whole thing was just so fascinating. If only we had some royalty like this in the states. I'm predicting that Kate will be the next Princess Diana, she has such poise about her. LOVED her dress. And the horse drawn carriage was the icing on the cake! Pure Disney movie galore!!

Marlene McCune said...

Kate's dress totally surprised me. I thought she'd wear something more form fitting like her maid of honor, but I absolutely LOVED her dress and veil and crown choices. SO pretty.

Keshet said...

I have been loving the royal wedding too! very excited that her dress has sleeves--maybe they'll make a comeback!

Elle The Heiress said...

Just wondering, is that an indoor pool in the old photos of you? Also, what's the cute story behind "Malm" and "Dald?" =)