Thursday, March 31, 2011

The One with the Taylor's House

My Taylor grandparents have impeccable taste. They designed and built their home on a hill overlooking the Provo valley. Every time I visit I enjoy look at all their stuff. This past visit I took some pics of my favorite findings.

Best chair to nurse in ever. Why? Cuz it's got a massaging thing on it! Yes please.

Pretty watercolor.

Grandpa's immaculate library.

The wallpaper in the library.

A cross-stitched pillow made for my Grandpa.

More stunning cross-stitched pillows.

Another view of the library. So colorful!

The wallpaper in one of the bathrooms.

And another cross-stitched pillow. I guess I'm really into those or something.

The view from their large living room window which overlooks the Provo temple and Utah Lake.

On a related note to the Taylor's - I was in my grandparent's bedroom talking with my Grandma Cathie when I noticed a small black & white photo of her dad when he was just a boy. The boy was standing with his mother. It hit me really hard right then and there that this little boy in this picture lived a life. He was a person with dreams and goals and ambitions and he had a mom and grandparents and children of his own. I never knew this boy/man, but I am his descendant and life goes on. Will someone further down in my line of relatives come across my scrapbooks and blog and wonder at my life? I received an interesting email from my grandpa that went like this:

"I, John Arthur Taylor, am Rhoda Young McNicol's great grandson. She was born in 1842 and died two years after I was born. Notwithstanding my young age, I can remember her as a dark, somber figure sitting on the front porch of our little home in Provo where she was visiting. I am now 82 years of age. Hence our briefly overlapping lives cover one hundred sixty-nine years (2011 minus 1842 equals 169). Moreover, with the birth of my first great grandchild, I am at the midpoint of three generations preceding and following my life during that 169 years as follows:
The email with this chart was sent out to the Taylor family and several responses are worth noting:
"A lifetime can seem short in certain ways but it is pretty amazing to think about the changes in the world and technology within that 169 years."

"Benji met his great-grandparents when he was a baby. They were born in the early 20th century and Anissa tells me that when they were little they had ancestors still alive who came across the plains as pioneers."

"If you allow 20 years to a generation, then we only have 100 generations back to the days of Jesus. Doesn't that seem like a relatively very small number? My 169 years alone encompasses 8+ generations! If you assume that there is always someone around who is an hundred, then one could count only 20 generations back to Jesus."

I wonder if I will be around to see my great grandchildren? That seems so far away! Fox has to grow up and get married and have children, then HIS children have to grow up and get married and have children, and THEN I'll be able to send out my own chart of three generations preceding and following.

Interesting stuff man!


Heather said...

That's just amazing to think about. Thanks for sharing!

Jamie Lane [Cripps] said...

I so love the library they have...what an amazing room to get lost in!

and that is some deep thinking! :)

Dassow Mommy said...

Celestia? Does my mom know that?

Behind the Mist Trilogy said...

Are those pillows cross-stitched or needle point? they have Behind the Mist in that library?!

Ants said...

I can't believe that library. That. Is. The. Perfect. Library.