Monday, December 27, 2010

The One with Christmas 2010

We set up the Christmas tree and decorations the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I asked my mom to send me the stockings that she made for us so many years ago that they're the only stockings I ever remember using. Now they're vintage (and have a funny smell from all the different kinds of candy placed in them over the years...). They have a special place in my heart from my childhood and I'm so glad I get to keep using them!
Apparently I've claimed this one (the far left one) as my own back in the day:Photobucket
Chris uses the far right one and Fox uses the middle one.

Other decorations around the house include a nativity set:
Pine cones picked up by my Grandma Cathie:
And lots of paper stars/flowers I made last year:

This Christmas I got a few gifts in particular that I'm soooo excited about. First, I saw a vintage block frame on etsy that had a fox on it, but it was sort of haphazardly put together. Instead of getting that exact frame my dad suggested he make one himself. After unknowingly winning some vintage blocks on ebay, I then sent him a link to some more vintage blocks. $80 of vintage blocks later (I'm sure he'll laugh about it in the future)....he created a frame and names for us:
Love them! And now I have an entire basket full of leftover blocks for future craft projects :)

The other present I'm super excited about is this:
It's the first volume of my blog turned into a book!
It's mighty fun having my blog in physical form.
I've already "made" the other volumes. It takes about three books per year so I have 5 (will be 6 on the new year) books in my "cart" for Chris to get me for birthdays, mother's days, Christmases, etc.
Love it love it love it. I feel like an author :) It was sooo easy to create too. Just go to and type in your blog URL, the dates you want to print, press enter, and it creates it for you!

Here is Mr. Fox on Christmas:
He's so cute.

And here he is today:
One more week of vacation for Chris!


Blake and Erica said...

Cute frame, block names. I cant wait to see what other projects you come up with for those blocks! I also love your blog book..... you're inspiring me to make one. :)

Blake and Erica said...

oh and Fox is such a cutie! Glad he's feeling better! Sick kids are no fun - Brooklyn's been sick for the last 2 weeks, :(

*nichole* said...

Gah. That Mr. Fox sure is adorbs! Love that frame and name set...sooo wonderful! Also, I bookmarked the make your blog into a book thing-I've been wanting to do that forever! Thanks for the link!

Jackie said...

I've made my blog with blurb - I wonder if this will be better! Thanks for the link

*reyanna klein* said...

I'm sorry you guys couldn't go to Denver, but I'm glad you had a good Christmas! The frame is SO cute! And I LOOOVE that book! SO cool! Makes me want to blog more, actually! LOL.

Gosh, Fox is adorable! I LOVE his eyes! He is just the cutest little baby ever! :-)

malm said...

I can't believe you wanted those old Christmas stockings. I remember making them when we lived in California during my sewing phase. So glad you're putting them to good use after all these years.

lyndsey said...

fun christmas and thanks -- i'm with everyone else, i'm totally bookmarking that blog publishing link! yay. and mr fox is so so cute -- looks like he's feeling tons better, hooray! now hopefully he'll sleep better soon :)

Erin and Lewis said...

Thanks so much for sharing the blog publishing link!

lauren said...

just a quick thank you for sharing the blog/book link. i've been working hard all vacation turning an old livejournal into a blurb book and i know all of the effort will be worth it!! i've also got my 08 & 09 blog posts ready to go when someone is ready to 'gift' the books to me! thanks again!! :) *

Jinny Newlin said...

What a great idea to put your blog in book form! I've never heard of that! Thanks for the tip! Great pics, too! Sooooo sweet! Lovin' your vintage blocks frame, too!