Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The One with Life with Fox

We've been taking pictures left and right. We don't want to forget a single moment of Fox's life!
I promise I won't blog about my baby every single day.
Strike that.
I'll blog about him every single day if I darn well please :)

Rough day at the office.
Will his hair turn curly?? His first hair wash indicates it might be in the stars.
We took Fox to his two day after going home appointment and everything is in order! He weighs 7 pounds 13 ounces, he left the hospital at 7 pounds 11 ounces, they want him to gain 1 ounce a day, so he's right on track. Here we are waiting to be seen. I look so tired. But oh so happy.
Grandma Carolyn and Fox.
Poor little guy has some nasty acne around his diaper line. No popping them!
Sawin' logs.
Absolute and total fluke that we caught a smile on camera. He smiles maybe once a day and I just happened to snap this as he was smiling. We laughed out loud for several minutes because, come on, this is just too cute :)
Today we ventured out of the house for the first time. Too soon? Maybe. Hopefully not. We went to Wells Fargo (he stayed in the car with Grandma while I went in), then we went to Target and got some needed essentials, then we went to Banana Republic and returned a shirt, then we went to GAP and returned some things and then I got some things for ME! The first items of clothing I've bought myself in a long time! Fun!
We came home and crashed.
Boy oh boy do I love being a mom. Or a malm as we say.


*reyanna klein* said...

Awwww! I'm loving all the photos! He's wicked cute! :-D

I think it's awesome that you took him out right away. Lots of moms keep their babies in for *months*, and then when they do get out, their babies get sick right away because they're not used to breathing the air! LOL. True story. :-)

And you look awesome! It is SO crazy seeing you as a malm! ;-) I love it. :-)

Tamara said...

Oh Paige! He is just so cute! I just want to pinch those little cheeks! At least you waited a couple of days for your first outing, I had to get out of the house only a couple of hours after I got out of hospital, I was at the shopping centre pushing my pram! Being a Mummy is the bestest job in the whole wide world! Take Care and I personally can't wait to see more pics of the little guy! xx

Jackie said...

So cute - I love that you two match in your last one!

Carrie said...

i am SO SO happy for you! i'm with you on getting out. those first few weeks, i was SO eager to get out of the house! now i just love being able to lounge in my pajamas all day if i want though. i used to always hear people say that being a mom is the best but it wasn't until i experienced it that i was like "holy cow they are way UNDER exaggerating that!"

ps- fox is sooooooo cute. totally jealous my kid didn't have that kind of hair!

Jamie Lane said...

I love that photo of him on your mom's shoulder, so precious!

You look amazing, like really you just gave birth!?

Miss Modular said...

He's pretty dang cute.

♥k said...

That's so great you had enough energy to take him out into the big world so soon! I'm sure all he did was sleep most of the time anyways ;) My momma took me out shoe shopping when I was 2 days old, we say that's why I have such a shoe addiction ;)
And that's so cool that he smiled so quickly! Must be a very happy baby!

Lindsey said...

Paige he is adorable! I'm loving these pictures of him. You are a great mommy. :)

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OH MY GOOOOODNESS:) I can't believe how cute he is--that pic of him smiling....PRECIOUS! I just love little babies! Please give Fox a hug from me:) And you look fabulous--you look so beautiful! Proud and BEAUTIFUL:) Congrats! I just love reading about Fox and his adventures!! Can't wait to see pics of him walking--that might be awhile...but I can't wait:)

Brad and Shanell Farr said...

he's adorable and I love that you two match :)!!!

Tedi said...

Please blog all you like about the little fox! :) I love seeing cute babie pictures! It makes me baby hungry! :)

Joseph and Chelsie Campbell said...

So cute! :) It's just so much fun! I love your matching-ness in the last picture. :) Enjoy!

Keshet said...

He is too cute!

Valerie said...

He's gorgeous Paige - glad you are enjoying the motherhood gig - so many good things are going to happen!

Marlene McCune said...

Thank you for posting all your new mom-to-be and new mom stories. It's great to read about especially for me who doesn't have any kids yet, but plans to sometime. It's nice to know what's coming step by step from a real person!

katie b. p. said...

Love the matching!

amytangerine said...

he really is TOO stinkin' cute. love that you caught the smile. LOVE

malm said...

Fox is the cutest baby in the world. I miss you!

Ashley said...

I love the pictures!!!!! Your mom looks so proud and I can relate to being exhausted during those first few weeks. He is such a cute little guy!!!

Rebecca said...

Huge congrats!~