Friday, October 22, 2010

The One when Fox Turned 1 Week Old

What was little Fox Thomas doing at exactly 12:01pm on his one week birthday?
Getting smooched by Nana!
And sleeping.
The usual.
How has it already been a week? Time is flying! Slow down!

Chris is feeling under-represented so here he is holding his heir:
Loving this being a mom thing more every day.


*reyanna klein* said...

Yeah... when you posted "a week"... I was like, WHAT?!?!? It's been a WEEK?! Craziness! I'm SO glad you're enjoying him, and I'm SO enjoying all the photos! Thanks so much for being so cool to post so many. :-) Your rock, Mama. :-)

Jackie said...

Just wanted to let you know... I hope you blog about your baby every day. :) Cute outfit on him btw!

malm said...

AUGH! I miss him!

HoneyScrap said...

Oh gosh I remember those first days:)So exciting, so many emotions! Ha! I am glad you are loving it:) It is such a special time that lasts only a short while. My daughter is 2 and 1/2 goes by so fast. The good news is that each new phase is even more exciting than the one before it!

Mandie said...

so sweet!

andy and cami said...

What a beautiful baby boy!! Congrats 1 week old, it does go super fast! Enjoy that he is sleeping so much and you still get to do what you want! Keep the pictures coming!!