Sunday, August 29, 2010

The One with the Nursery's Comin' Along

Today we were very productive as far as getting ready for little Fox's debut. We still have quite a list of things that need to be accomplished before he comes, but I feel like we took a big dent of the "to do" list. For instance, we assembled the stroller and installed the car seat. Check check! I wasn't thrilled with the configuration of the furniture in the nursery, so I took the liberty of moving it around while Chris was at the church building fulfilling his (I mean, our) calling (we're the ward building cleaning coordinators and every Saturday morning Chris meets a few families at the church, gives them the keys and list of things to do, then peaces out). Here's how it looks right now (the colors are off cuz the lighting is bad cuz it's getting dark):
That table? Gotta go. I will be doing my scrapbooking on the main kitchen table now. So unless I can find someone who wants it, it's going out on the front yard with a "for free" sign tomorrow.

One of the biggest issues about this room is it doesn't have a closet. So today we fashioned this piece of furniture into a custom closet by adding two rods at the top. I ended up taking the lower rod out.
Now I need to get some baskets for all his pants and I think the bottom row will be full of books.
My Grandma Cathie always has a pile of stuff to give me when we go to Utah. This time I noticed she was giving away several rugs and I snatched this one right up:
It's perfect!
So. Now what?
Still waiting on the cushions for the glider and ottoman.
Still have to make my frame collage on the empty wall - but I've made progress spray painting a few more frames.
Still have to take off the bed skirt from the crib cuz it just looks awkward at this point, but it'll go back once we lower the crib.
Still have to wash all his clothes and bedding (that's what you're supposed to do right??).
Still have to return the mini rugs I got from Target and Urban Outfitters cuz I like the big rug better.
Still have to wipe down all the Bernstein Bear books my mom brought me from home.
Still have lots and lots of little things to diapers! And wipes!

Not related, but still worth mentioning, Chris was saying we should consider getting rid of the rabbit, chinchilla, and finch to lessen our load. I said hecks no! How can we get rid of this little creature?!? He's the cutest little bunny wunny on the face of the earth!
I hope I hope I hope we can find the time, energy, and patience to keep a house full of pets with a new baby!!


Christine and Victor said...

CHINCHILLA! We had one too! Named pica, but did get rid of her while I was pregnant =(. We weren't very attentive to her, and we knew she needed that so we decided to give her to a better family!

Good luck!!

Paula said...

So exciting! I'll be sending you and baby a gift in the next couple weeks. I think you'll like it :)

Anonymous said...

very cute! is it okay to pass on a little safety tip tho?? i'm pretty sure windows are required to use a special glass due to all the earthquake activity in cali but its not recommended to place cribs/beds under or next to a window for safety reasons. hth

sh3ri3 said...

Nursery looks great, that rug is perfect! i agree Paige how could you get rid of the bunny, Chris nooo! :) xx

Jen said...

Paige! That is the cutest bunny on earth – Chandler, right? If you have to give him up he can come live at my house. Oh, and good job with the room. :)

Allison Taylor said...

Ill take Chandler! Ill take him! pleassseeeee

Margi/mom said...

HI Paige, The room looks great! I'd leave the dust ruffle, It covers up the matress. Also, some of those shoes look WAY too big! You could take out another shelf and add the second bar. Love, Mom evans

nichole said...

Fox's little clothes & shoes seriously melt my heart (as does your bunny!)
His room is coming together quite nicely! So cute!

Chris said...

I'll admit it, Chandler is the cutest bunny ever.

*reyanna klein* said...

Whenever I see your bunny, I want a bunny SO bad! LOL. We went to PetCo the other day, and I got to see all the guinea pigs and ferrets... SO cute! Ruby and Amber loved them too! ;-)

I can't believe Fox is almost here! CRAZY! LOL. The nursery is looking great! Now I really have got to get your gift in the mail, huh?! LOL. I wouldn't want you to have to rearrange your wall art just for that. LOL. Maybe you could save it an 8x10 spot?! ;-)

And wow, look at all the clothes and shoes you have already! SO cool! I wonder how many of the outfits he'll fit into right away... LOL. He'll be so tiny. :-) EEEE! Getting SO SO excited for you!!

amytangerine said...

fox has got a lot of clothes!
and yes, i hope too that you can keep the house full of animals. i'd take that table off your hands, but wouldn't be able to pick it up until next week. i'm sure it'll go to a good home!

whitney said...

ummmmm. i OBSESSED with your bunny. holy crap. that is the cutest thing i have ever seen!

also, i love that rug you got from your grandma! its perfect!!! the baby's room looks so cute. cant wait to see little fox in it!

ellen s. said...

omw. is that thing real? LOL that is the cutest bunny i have ever seen!

Dusti said...

The nursery looks great! I can't believe you have so many clothes already. Some of those shoes look like they could fit a 5 year old...ha ha! Fox is gonna be one well dressed kid!