Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The One with Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse

What a night! I am soooooo tired and my bum is soooooo sore. But if everything people say is true, I better get used to long sleepless nights like this... bring it on.
At 5:30pm Chris and I picked up Veronica and got some In-N-Out for dinner.
Me in my comfy scrubs and Twilight shirt ready to get my movie watching on.
When we got to the theater we easily found a parking spot then made our way to the front of the theater. The lines for the midnight showing of Eclipse were already forming and wrapped around the building. People people people. Why sit outside in the blazing hot sun for 6+ hours (who knows how long they'd already been out there), when you can pay $10 to sit inside where it's air conditioned, you get the first pick of seats, and you get to watch Twilight and New Moon!
There were seriously only like 12 people in the theater to watch all three movies. We became besties.
I had a hard time staying awake during New Moon just because I was so tired, though I like New Moon umpteen more times than Twilight. At 11:30pm the crowds of people who had been waiting all day outside poured in and had to find seats around us true and dedicated hard core fans. Then the movie began and I was entranced.
So what did I think of Eclipse?I LOVED IT. My favorite of the three by far. I need to go watch it again. And again and again.
Will I go see Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse before the first installment of Breaking Dawn? Probably not, it was physically painful to sit in those chairs for eight hours, and I'll have a little Fox to take care of then (eeps!), so maybe I'll just watch them at home beforehand.
Anyways. Great night. Great movie. Great times.


Rhonda said...

I give you credit girlfriend - when I was pregnant there would have been NO way for me to stay up that late for a movie!

Cute belly!

Amy Heller said...

A friend and I went to the trilogy last night too - I agree - ECLIPSE is by FAR the best of the 3 movies! I can't wait to go back and see it again!! By the end of the night my tooshie, feet and belly (from giggling with my gf) were all tired and I'm not pregnant, so I can't imagine how you were feeling!

Stephanie said...

ah! I can't wait to see it after hearing these good reviews.. although I'll probably wait til the hype settles down before I go :)

Chris said...


Roger and Tasha said...


Maria said...

Oh yay!!! So exciting! Phil and I have tickets to see Eclipse in the city on Friday - it killed me not to see right when it first came out, but we couldn't get childcare until Friday. Oh well, we'll just have to make up for it by going back to see it a few more times ;-)

lauren said...

i, too, LOVED the new movie!!! i only saw new moon and then the eclipse premiere back-to-back...couldn't imagine seeing all three in a row!!! :)
i'm not quite sure how i'm going to make it to 11.18.11 when the next one is released!! AHHH!!!

Bart and Jill said...

I am absolutely, positively obsessed with Eclipse. It was so much better than the other ones and they actually portrayed Edward well... I want to see it a billion times... heheh

Supermar said...

I can't wait to see it! I was at Girl's Camp on opening night. Boo. I'm going on Tuesday!

Daniela said...

You are too cute! NOt a big fan of the movies, but I did watch two Lord of the Rings movies before the third one came on at midnight....that was soooo long, but fun.