Thursday, June 24, 2010

The One with Random Inspiration

I've got nothing important to share today so I'm going to turn to my handy dandy inspiration folder.

Oh wait, I do have two quick things to share first. I went to Target yesterday morning in search of a book (which they didn't have - I'm 0 for 2 in my book hunts at Target! Curses!) and ended up browsing the maternity section. I don't venture over there often, I think all the maternity clothes are ugly and opt instead to buy "normal" clothes in extra large sizes. I've been in serious need of some pants though, so just for the heck of it I decided to try on a pair of capris jeans. They looked horrific and ugly on the rack, I didn't think there was any way they'd look cute on, but to my happy surprise, they fit and actually look pretty good! SCORE!
Then I meandered over the the shoe aisle because I swear that in addition to my face, belly, and thighs getting bigger, my feet are expanding as well...I found these shoes and oh my goodness they are soooo comfortable!
Gotta love Target.

Okay, back to my inspiration folder.
Is this the cutest room you've ever seen or what?
I first saw this on Design Sponge. And here is a link to the creative talent that made this room - Artistic Living Spaces. Things I love: The pieced together rugs. Who woulda thought? The platform bed - very unique. And of course - the FERRIS WHEEL which holds toys! OMG. I want one for Fox's room.

These ADORABLE cards by Darling Clementine:

This lovely lovely pillow by Anita Kaushal:

Just because it's cute:

Inspirational poster. I love the typesetting:

I have a new favorite website. It's called Stuff My Kids Ruined. Except replace the word "stuff" with a bad word. It shows pictures of things kids have destroyed and it's quite funny. Until it happens to you right? I think Joey is just as bad, if not worse, in the destroying department. For instance, today he grabbed a tooth that Chris had carved out of wax and placed in a nice container from the shelf where it was proudly displayed and he chewed the tooth and the plastic container to bits :( Sorry babe. But anyways, here is an example of what you'll find on Stuff My Kids Ruined:
Black permanent marker on white vanity? Not good.

This just makes me laugh:
The caption reads: How could you resist this razzle dazzle - love is in the air.

And finally, this fantastic fox themed embroidery hoop by The Vintaquarian (thanks for the link Dawn!)
I'm thinkin' I'd like to make a less feminine version for Fox's room. The wheels are turning...


Ryan and LeDawn said...

I think the stuff my kids ruined is going to be my new favorite site! LOVE the fox embroidery! And my sister is skinny like you and has a terrible time finding maternity jeans and actually got a really cute pair at old navy for $30... and why is that just because you are pregnant maternity clothing makers think that you have to look ugly!? I bought lots of trapeze shirts when they were huge because I knew I would need them for when I get preggers and I wont be able to find them when I am.

Paula said...

Yeah, those capris look cute! I went 6 months before I started wearing maternity anything, but the comfort made a huge difference. For the first six months, I wore a bella band to hold up my normal pants and skirts...i loved it. And yes, shoe size changes...sometimes permanently :)

Michaela said...

Haha! Thanks for the "Stuff" That Kids Ruin site! SOOO Funny!!

j.leija said...

every time you say fox's name it makes me think of that scene in You Got Mail when the little boy spells his last name, "F-O-X". too cute!

Valerie said...

I do not miss those maternity clothes at all! Especially those big maternity underpants! (TMI, I know :) Cute capris though and love the espadrilles. Almost picked them up in my Target the other day.
I'm off to check out the ruined stuff website...