Sunday, June 27, 2010

The One with Eric's 22nd Birthday

I'm a day late, sorry bro. Happy 22nd birthday to my little and only brother Eric. He's quite the character, as you can see from this bounty of videos.

Eric dancing and running around in circles.

Eric getting his first hair cut. His immense look of concentration is astounding!

Eric blasting off a rocket. "2! 6! 11! 12! 13! 16! 17! 19!" Who taught him to count?

Eric singing "Jingle Bells" with his class. Presh-a-presh.

Eric singing "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam". Even more presh-a-presh.

Eric and his usual obnoxious self jumping on the trampoline.

Eric singing his ABC's with an annoying sister interrupting him (that t'would be mwah).

Eric about 12 years old and his bleach-blonde hair ('member those good 'ol days?) making the highest pitched squeak that even dogs can't hear.

Eric dancing to a Backstreet Boys song at a youth activity. All the girls were going CRAZY :)

Eric showing off his mad skateboarding skillz.

Eric is a funny guy and I'm so proud to call him my brother. It was fun growing up with him, dressing him up in costumes, and even putting makeup on his fat chubby cheeks every once in a while. Love ya little bro :)


malm said...

I loved seeing all of them except the ABC one. I think I wore that dress last week. jkjk.

kelseynsc said...

I totally remember his high pitched noise he used to make!!! I love all of your home videos! Just makes me miss you guys more tho!!! :o[

Chris said...

You're such a nice sister! Happy Birthday Enrique!

Jackie said...

I love watching all these old home videos of you guys. I can't believe Eric is already 22! CRAZY!