Sunday, May 23, 2010

The One with the Redlands Temple

This morning we dropped Joey off at doggie daycare and then drove an hour east to Redlands, CA to do a session at the Redlands temple. I forgot to brush my teeth before leaving the apartment (ewww!) so once we got there we drove around searching for a gas station. I decided that this town should be called "Orange"lands instead of "Red"lands because of the copious amounts of orange trees. I didn't see no red trees.
Oranges were everywhere!
I'm never buying oranges again, I'll just drive over to Orangelands and pick up a lifetime supply from off the ground.

The Redlands temple is beautiful inside and out.
Next on our list - San Diego!


malm said...

Sounds like another fun day! Love the pics!

Erica said...

Way to go!! We need to just go to the temple!

Lindsey said...

Love the pics! That's funny because I drove past Redlands today to come home. I'm sorry I wasn't able to meet up with you. :( maybe next time. Don't be surprised that when you see the San Diego temple.... because it's under construction. It has scaffolding all around it. I was super bummed that I wasn't able to take any pictures of it.

Valerie said...

These temples are so beautiful - the only one I've ever 'seen' in person is the one in the D.C. area. Are they as beautiful on the inside?

Chris said...

"Redlands?" More like "Orange-lands!" :) That was a good one!

lyndsey said...

ha! good one about orangelands. my parents live in the redlands temple district so we've been a bunch; i think i went to the open house 3 different times. haha. i received my endowments there so it's got a special place in my heart :)

i love your quest to visit all the temples! yay san diego. [boo scaffolding.]

Elise<3 said...

yeaa i went to school in "orangelands" lol
actually right down the street from the temple.
there was once an orange packing plant, can you believe that ;)

When the two rival schools play football, they play for the "smudgepot" its a glorified version of these things that the farmers stick in the orange fields to make sure the oranges don't get frost bite during the summer.
its a big deal :)
i was so happy to see your post about this! Usually no one EVER knows what or where redlands is, but i love living in this little town :)

*reyanna klein* said...

Pretty photos! What action did you use on the last one? (and maybe the 2nd photo of the temple too?) I love it! :-D

Holly said...

What, Paige! I didn't get a shout out for my hometown? Lame! These photos of the temple are even better than the ones I have hanging in my house (LDS Distribution Services all the way). You are too awesome!