Thursday, April 29, 2010

The One with What's In Your Purse

The contents of one's purse can say a lot about one's self. Here's what's in mine:
My phone. It's glued to my hip.
Sour Patch Watermelons - a new favorite candy.
Bottled water - I always carry a water bottle with me cuz I hate being thirsty.
Goldfish. To snack on. Natch.
An everything bagel from Costco with one bite taken out of it. It wasn't exactly what I was in the mood for apparently.
A print out of all the layouts in the August issue of Scrapbook Trends so I can check them off as I edit the text.
Band-aids. An essential. I tend to cut myself on random objects frequently.
Hand sanitizer - cuz I'm a germ-a-phobe.
Two American Crafts Precision Pens - the best pens in the world.
A garbage bag - in case I feel the urge to vomit.
My wallet.
A Wells Fargo deposit slip. Wish I had direct deposit for all my paychecks... Note to self: this is my last deposit slip - get more next time I go to the bank.
A copy of our car insurance policy. Don't know why I carry it around, but I do.
My Google notebook - to jot down ideas, sketches, lists, anything that comes to mind that I need to remember.
I also carry my camera with me ALWAYS, but I had to use it to take this picture...
All three of my ultrasound pics :)


  1. That's so funny - took photos tonight of what I found in Molly's little purse and thought it would be cool to include it in my next post...might do mine too now!! xx

  2. Think you are starting something here...what a fun page that'd be to scrap! Hmmm, no gum - no kleenex? and where's the trash? :]

  3. I noticed there was no "photo of my husband" in that list... :)

  4. you must scrap this!!! :) And just think... in a few months, things like wipes, bottles, paci's will be in your purse. :)

  5. Great idea Paige... i need to do this... I have a lot more stuff than you do though! I need to minimize! :) Can't wait to hear what you guys are having! Will you find out? And if you do... do you plan to share or wait? :)Hope you are feeling well!

  6. wow, thats pretty good and really clean! I have everything including the kitchen sink in mine! I joke that when I am mother my diaper bag will be a peice of luggage with wheels cuz I am probably going to need something at sometime so I must carry it with my always. I am going to have a bad back when I am older! Maybe I will steal this post idea, because seriously I am known for being marry poppins!

  7. I'm impressed, it's so neat and clean and organzied. Mine's a big mess. Just wait, soon you'll have binkys, wipes, emergency fruit snacks, tissues, and piles of receipts b/c you're in such hurry to get out of places you just shove them in!

  8. Haha...you better get a photo of your husband!! ;) Loooove the baby pictures...so sweet! Your purse reminds me of mine, less all the random receipts!! Haha...gotta clean it out! Sour patch? Yes, please. Bright yellow purse? Why yes, thank you! =)

  9. love what you carry around (esp the garbage bag) & that you shared this.

  10. i might have to do this. i loved this post.

  11. i love it. sour patch kids have always been good but they are probably my most consistent pregnancy craving. i also have some in my purse right now. and first trimester i kept plastic bags and goldfish too! and my purse is the only place i trust with every single ultrasound photo i've ever gotten. i feel honored that our purses have so much in common. like keeping a camera in there 24/7...i don't know how anyone ever gets any pictures if they don't have their camera in their purse all the time!