Thursday, April 29, 2010

The One with Kettlesnout Ponies

Well-known fact: I love animals. Always have. Always will. Hence an animal-related post today.

Did you know that I am the ONLY subscriber of the well over 6 billion people in the ENTIRE WORLD to read the Kettlesnout Ponies blog via Google Reader? It's true. When I click on "show details" on the top right corner of that blog in Reader, it says: Posts per week: 1.6; Subscribers: 1. That would be mwah. 1 in 6 billion. I don't remember how I even stumbled across this blog, maybe one of their ponies was featured on Cute Overload once upon a time and I linked back to it. Alls I know is, every spring for the last three years, I have loved seeing their new ponies. They're oh so cute. And I want one.
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


Jude said...

They are SO cute!! I can practically hear Ellie squealing when I show her this in the morning!! Guaranteed she will want to be subscriber No.2..xx

Samantha said...

oh goodness Paige I just want to hug these guys. Have you heard about the twin foals in san diego? I'll send you the link to their 24 live camara!

j.leija said...

ponies!!! we just had a pony over to the house for my nephew's 1st birthday. they're the cutest lil things!!

malm said...

"No more pets". Remember? I pretty much just spent way too much time on their website. I even googlemapped their little town in England and got a good view of some pretty countryside. Whew!

tomas said...

If your pet-o-meter is a 10, what's Chris's?

Chris said...