Friday, March 26, 2010

The One with I MISS MY MALMY!

I love my mom, or as we so adoringly refer to her, my Malm. Ever since we discovered the glory of Google Chat my Malm and I have talked every. single. day. I love knowing what my mom is doing all day every day. But now she, my Dald, my sister, my maternal grandparents, two sets of aunts and uncles, and two cousins, are on a cruise going all over the Mediterranean for two whole weeks. They're going to have so much fun. But now I'm cut off from my Malm and I'm going nuts! I MISS MY MALMY!! It's so sad to see the gray dot instead of the usual happy green dot next to her name in my chat screen. It's gonna be like that for awhile...Photobucket
Hurry home soon please Malm so we can resume our daily chats!


Cherie said...


Whenever I'm missing someone I scrapbook about them and it makes me happier.

Chris said...

I wish I were on a two-week, fun-filled Mediterranean cruise!

malm said...

There's FREE wireless at our hotel in Barcelona!!!! I miss you pailge! We really wish you were here with us. We're having fun but it would be soooo much more fun if you were here, too!