Sunday, June 28, 2009

The One with Cupcakes and Boutiques

Last Tuesday I had the amazing opportunity to meet Von, a friend I've acquired through blogging. Just another reason I heart blogging - making new friends! I won a Scentsy candle on her fun blog so of course we had to meet IRL. Just so happens she had to come down to Provo for a little get together at a cute bakery so I tagged along.

I had no idea this place even existed! And it's just 5 minutes away! It's called the Sweet Tooth Fairy.
I always seem to be a little behind on the "trends." Cupcakes for instance. But now I've found a place that makes a delicious variety and you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be going again!
I had an oreo cupcake - bottom plate, 11:00 position. It tasted as good as it sounds.
I wanted to try a bite of every one of them. I guess it just makes for a good excuse to keep going back.
Thanks again for the Scentsy candle Von, I luvs it. Hope we meet again :)
Today I supported a fellow gal pal, Nichole. She's my idol. She made a whole bunch of stuff and had it for sale at a boutique. I bought a neat tie belt from her (I'm wearing it in the photo below) and a floral headband from someone else. They didn't have a business card or a sign so I'm not really sure who to credit... Nichole's accessories plates were selling like hot cakes! Alisha and Lindsey both bought two.
The boutique was outside so I got to work on my non-existent tan for awhile.

Whelp. My malm just called - she and my dald and my sister and her friend are almost here after driving for 15 hours straight from Washington, so I've gotta go pick up a pizza and meet them over at my grandparents. I'm so exicted to spend the next two weeks with my family. Peace out!


pakosta said...

yum! those look so good!!!!
some day I want to get to provo!
I heard there are lots of good scrapbook stores?!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

I love the picture of the two of us...way better than the one I got! I wanted to go to the boutique, but didn't want to pass anything to anyone. =(

Queen of Paper said...

I love boutiques outside :) It looks like you girls had a great time.

Supermar said...

Tell Nichole I want an accessory plate!

Cable Car Couture said...

yes, it's super fun meeting new bloggers here locally. i haven't tried sweet tooth fairy tho i've heard a lot about it. my fave is flour girls and dough boys in american fork, just off main street by the dollar movie theatre. super yum!