Thursday, May 28, 2009

The One when Paige Turned 24

"Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday dear me!
Happy birthday to me!"

I'm just one year short of being 1/4 century old, but I'm still feeling young and spry!

To celebrate, I'm going to come home to a clean house (wink wink Chris!) and then he's going to bake me the ultimate, crème de la crème birthday cake: Funfetti! Tonight we're having pizza over at my Taylor Grandparents and tomorrow night we're eating Thai food with my Warner Grandparents.

The following are some pictures from my lifetime.

I bet this is the very first picture of me as cute little embryo.
Me in the womb!
Pardon me while I get rid of a little Jaundice. Brand spanking new first time parents.As I grew older I used to play "baby doll" with this basket. Funny that I used to fit in it.I was one chunky baby. In a journal my mom kept for me, she told me that she would love me no matter how big or small I grew up to be. (Check out those vintage computers! Technology has come a long way in 24 years!)I drooled so much I wore a perma-bib or else my shirts would be covered in spit.Apparently I liked this ball because it's in a lot of pictures with me.My one year old picture? Don't quote me on that.Me and my studly Dald.I've been told that weaning me away from pacifiers was a horrible experience. Sorry!Grandma Warner and me in Florida.Cheese!Swing swing.An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Growing up in California, the apples were always so delicious and flavorful.Strike a pose!I have ALWAYS LOVED ANIMALS!The beginnings of my compulsive organizing - lining up every single item in the kitchen.When I grow up, I want to be just like my Malm. I'll start by wearing her shoes.Don't mind me, just heading out to celebrate Mardi Gras.Rockin' the pig talesMy Mommy and her baby and me and my baby!Alls I remember is that tutu was itchy.I shudder at the sight of those bangs. Woo wee!My very first bike.Jelly shoes! Those are so back in style. What goes around, comes around.Halloween in kindergarten. I was very very sick with strep throat, but nothing could get between me and my candy!A school pic.First day of first grade (maybe).Playing in the mud. It's good for your skin you know.Ummm...I think I'm a little too big for this game...Eric and Allie think so too.I had braces when I was just 8 years old. Talk about traumatic! But it was only for a year and half so I'm over it.6th grade. The beginning of my very awkward years when I would wear my dad's t-shirts to school every day. So I'll just skip a couple years worth of pictures.My surprise 16th birthday.A shot from my senior pictures.My high school graduation announcement picture.Talking through the airwaves via ham radio in my dad's "shack."One morning when I was 13 I woke up and my hair was curly. But I still straighten it once every year or so...My 23rd birthday last year.And my 24th birthday today.

Here's to another 24 wonderful years!


Chris said...

In the words of the bard and poet 50 Cent: "Go Shorty! It's your Birthday! We gonna party like it's your Birthday!"

Happy Birthday, Love! I can't wait to celebrate countless more with you.

I love you!

The Clems said...

happy birthday peggy! those were such cute pictures!

Kings said...

i love these pictures! Your mom looks SOOOO young when she had you. I can't believe that. You are too cute! Happy Birthday

tomas said...

I loved the picto-autobiographical life in review! Those were good times. We had to cut holes in your huge collection of pacifiers to get you to stop. We tried bribing you to stop with an Alf doll, but that didn't work.

kristina proffitt said...

Happy Birthday (again), Paige! You are such a young thang! ;) LOVE all of those pictures! Oh, and I LOVE Funfetti cake, too! Definitely the best! Heehee! ;) Hugs!

Nate and Annie said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have an awesome day, and do all sorts of fun things to celebrate! I love all the pictures!

Belinda Venables said...

*Heh hem*


Like my singing? *giggle*
I hope you have a wonderful day and go home to a lovely clean house!!!


Chris said...
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malm said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAILGE!!! What a fun post! I remember taking all of those pictures of you. Hey! I had a baby by the time I was 24. It was YOU! HAHA!

katie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You ARE THE BEST! I think you are quite wonderful! Love all the pics!

Erin said...

My my how you've grown...:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a few hours late according to my watch.. but in Utah I'm still good!) Hope you had a FANTASTIC day!!!:) *and for the record.. your awkward days are NOTHING compared to mine - refer to your previous post with my siam hair! lol:P

Allison said...

Cute pictures Paige!


Youre the best sister in the WHOLE ENTIRE world!!!!

I love you!


Sell...Party Of 3 said...

happy, happy birthday! you were a beautiful baby, and you are STILL beautiful! hope you had a rawkin' good day.

I will be watchin' the price is right to see your friend. =)

Angelina said...

Thanks for the comment. Happy late birthday!
I made the background with this program called Repeating Motif Generator. Its pretty fun to play around with.

Supermar said...

Happy late birthday! You are such a youngin'! I love the pic of you lining all the stuff up in the kitchen, and the one of you in heels. So good.

nichole said...

happy birthday paige ( a little late)!! loved those photos!

Cable Car Couture said...

what a darling chronological picture journey! happy birthday!