Friday, April 18, 2014

The One with Painting the Walls

We painted over the mauve pink walls of our very first apartment waaaaay back in 2007. And it was such a long and drawn out and tiring process we haven't painted any of our dwellings since. Buuuuuut my parents are expert painters so I devised a mischievous plan to enlist their help and paint our stark white walls while they were here! And they so graciously obliged :)

Monday morning we drove to OBI (like unto Home Depot) and picked out three colors of paint - a mint green/robin's egg blue, gray, and cream. We masked the walls, windows, outlets, and more, painted the small-and-hard-to-reach-with-rollers spaces, then my dad did most of the painting.
It's AMAZING what a fresh coat of colored paint can do to a space! Our home is so warm and inviting now!
Pictures just don't do it justice, the lighting is never right, but lemme tell you, I LOVE IT!
Every time I walk in through the front door I see our newly painted entryway, dining room, and living room, and my heart is happy :)
Gray dining room / Blue entryway. We were going to paint the entryway cream, but the color we picked was almost white and made no difference. So we went with blue!
This is my favorite color lately, if you scroll through the "scrap sneaks" post below you'll see a lot of my layouts use this color as a background. Now we just need to hang things on the walls. Haven't figured out what yet...

And I get to take pics of my cute kids in front of a colored background instead of white!
Thanks Malm and Dald for sprucing up our home! We have the "painting bug" and want to paint EVERYTHING! :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The One with Scrap Sneaks Galore!

I've been scrapping up a storm, despite the lack of scrappy-themed posts lately! Mostly because I'm just not allowed to share them here yet, or they're exclusive to the Stitched Studio Calico class that's halfway over!

Sorry to be such a tease :)
I'll share what I can (in full!), when I can!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The One with an Afternoon in Prague

We took a quick jaunt over to Prague this afternoon - my parents want to see it ALL while they're here! Their wish is my command :) I didn't bring my big camera cuz we've already been here and I felt like I documented it thoroughly then, but about five minutes into our walk I wished I had brought it haha. So, all of these are taken with my trusty phone. We parked up in the Castle Quarters of Prague and walked straight to St. Vitus Cathedral.
It was closed when we were here last time so I was excited to go inside!
Beautiful stained glass.

Mosaics on the outside lit up by the shining sun.
When I think of Prague this cathedral is what pops up in my mind's eye.
So, I was trying to take a picture of the trees decorated all festive for Easter and Malm totally photo-bombed me.
Best views of the city in front of the castle!
We walked a long ways down from the castle and enjoyed the beautiful town.
We had to walk across Charles Bridge of course :)
Looking out over the Vltava River.
Prague. Praha. Prag. However you say it, it's a pretty amazing city.
We walked to the Old Town Square to see the Old Town Clock.
The square was covered with Eastern vendors, decorations, and shops.
They take Easter to a whole new level here! Fancy schmancy eggs and a ginormous egg!
A building we didn't see last time - the Opera House!
We took a different walking route back to the car and got a full on view of the Charles Bridge.
The Prague Castle complex. It's huge.
Fox posing with a guard and climbing statues. Always up to mischief!
Just a cool building.
Looking up to St. Vitus Cathedral. | Fox and Grandpa hanging out at the water fountain.
Covered archways.
Super narrow alleyway with an amazing view. | Pretty church.
Fox and Grandma.
My favorite view of Prague.
My parents are leaving at 3:40am tomorrow. It's been sooooo fun to have them here and I can't believe how much we've seen and done while they've been here! I'm going to miss them so!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The One with Easter Pinspiration

Easter is only a few days away! Still plenty of time to decorate, right? Right :)
All of the following bits of inspiration can be found on my HOPPY EASTER Pinterest board

A fun kids craft! Who thinks of these things? So adorable.

I wonder if Fox would enjoy playing Memory? I'll give it a whirl :)

I'm a big fan of stitching so this embroidery hoop floats my boat!

A gorgeous spring-time floral wreath, made of PAPER!

A snippet of the paint-chip egg garland I made a few years ago from that one pin that went viral!

Mini Easter egg pinatas! Ahhhh so cute! 

I TOTALLY want to try this with patterned paper on a layout.

Cookies too beautiful to eat.

Doilies are inexpensive yet SO PRETTY, and with just a bit of spray mist or dye they can turn into these!

Pastel rainbow rice krispies!

Pick a color any color. Or don't, use them all! 

More rice krispie ideas - egg-shaped ones this time!

There are so many fun ways you can decorate eggs! What did the world do before Pinterest? :)

Marbled eggs - another fun kids' activity!

Yet another great way to get the kids involved - let them go to town with crayons over an egg-shaped stencil!

Um. Too cute for words. I think baby bunnies are the cutest form of baby animal.

I'd eat these by the dozen!

How does one make these? They are beautiful!

What oh what to do with my button collection? Cover plastic eggs with them! Genius!

Super simple and lovely looking idea for filling mason jars.

Lovely pastel-themed party which could easily be used for Easter or a baby shower or just because!

Another fun layout idea, or kids activity. I need to try these, like yesterday!

H.O.L.Y.  M.O.L.Y.  Y.U.M.

String art eggs!

So so so so so pretty! Who knew wrapping eggs with crocheted doilies could be so beautiful.
Hoppy Easter - almost!