Sunday, August 30, 2015

The One with Bookbinding at Scrappies Recap!

Yesterday I taught a bookbinding workshop at Scrappies near Munich! There were 13 participants and all 13 ladies made incredibly beautiful books! I'd say it was a success! :)

I left the house around 7:30am to get there by 9:30am. The clouds were beautiful.
First thing we did was paint the covers so they could dry while we folded paper. 
And then we folded the papers into groups, or, signatures. We used the Wanderlust collection by Heidi Swapp paired with printer paper.
Then we pierced holes through the signatures for sewing.

Andrea's already a pro bookbinder!
The hardest part by far is the very first part of sewing: attaching the cover and first signature together. The girls were so patient as I went around the room and helped a few people out at a time getting it just right.

Once you get the hang of the sewing, it's easy breezy! We even added charms, jewels, and pearls like I love to do!
Class is in full swing!

We took a break at 1pm to enjoy lunch at the Scrappies shop (the class was across the street in a hotel conference room). The huge pretzel sandwiches were a hoot! And delicious. Germany does soft pretzels right.
Local scrapbook stores will always have my heart. That's where I got my start in scrapbooking afterall!
I spy a bookbinding class advertisement :)
Cutest displays everywhere!

If you're ever in the Munich area, I HIGHLY recommend a visit to Scrappies! The address is: Heidestraße 1 85386 Eching.

Then it was back to work! I tried to take a photo of everyone individually with her book, but I missed a few! So proud!

Be still my heart. I don't know if I've ever seen anything so lovely!
So fun to line all the different colored books up and see them together!
I love how even though every kit was the same, each book is different and is a reflection of the maker's style with color choices and selection of charms.
The class started at 10am and we were all finished by 4pm, including an hour and a half break for lunch.
Group photo!
Looking forward to going back to Scrappies on October 17th for a second bookbinding class!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The One with Teaching Near Bamberg, Germany!

On Saturday September 26th 2015 in the town of Ebern near Bamberg, Germany I'll be teaching how to make two signature style layouts! Here are sneaks and I'll share the full layouts after the class!

 On this layout I will bring pre-die cut floral backgrounds and we'll be backing the flowers with patterned papers from the Wanderlust collection by Heidi Swapp, watercoloring around the flowers, and then embellishing with badges, chipboard, flower die cuts, gold glitter washi tape, and more!

Here we'll cut Polaroid frames, sort product (mostly the Let's Eat collection by Elle's Studio!) into color, and then have fun layering and splattering with paint!

If you're interested, email Lena at to reserve a spot! Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The One with Pinkfresh Studio "Happy Things" Layouts

When I saw the big reveal of the Happy Things collections by Pinkfresh Studio, I pretty much begged Kinnari to send me some :) I was sooooo happy when a big ol' box of loveliness arrived in my mailbox!

 I couldn't wait to finish some assignments and then play play play! Here are three layouts I made with the Happy Things line:

 photo Happy Place by Paige Evans.jpg
HAPPY PLACE by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: I've been on a "pile all the things into a collage" kick lately! Here I layered everything down the center of this fabulous patterned paper.

JOURNALING SAYS: Colmar, France is such a dream - so many cute and colorful buildings everywhere! Straight out of Beauty and the Beast!

HOW TO: It's sort of like a puzzle to do this technique: pick out all of the elements you want to use, along with a photo and title, and then have fun collaging them down the center of a patterned paper background. Journal right on a fabric tag. Drop black India ink around three places for a visual triangle.

SUPPLIES: Patterned paper, wood veneer, stickers, rubber embellishments, fabric tags: Pinkfresh Studio; India ink: ProArt; Adhesive, pen: American Crafts
 photo Happy Place Detail by Paige Evans.jpg


 photo Tulips of Amsterdam by Paige Evans.jpg

DESCRIPTION: Those triangles tho!! I love patterned transparency triangles and ALL of the triangles printed on one of the patterned papers. I cut them out and challenged myself to use them on a layout.

JOURNALING SAYS: Collect memories not things.

HOW TO: Trim out all the triangles from one of the Happy Things patterned papers then glue them along with the patterned transparency triangles onto a white cardstock base. Layer a pair of photos over transparency cards onto the center of the layout and tuck embellishments underneath the edges. Make the title with letter stickers and write "of" with a black pen to finish.

SUPPLIES: Patterned paper, patterned transparency triangles, transparency cards, stickers, wood veneer, rubber embellishments, fabric tag: Pinkfresh Studio; Cardstock, pen, adhesive: American Crafts
 photo Tulips of Amsterdam Detail by Paige Evans.jpg


 photo Colorful Sweet Strasbourg by Paige Evans.jpg

DESCRIPTION: This layout features (along with the Happy Things collection!) a cute confetti heart cut file by Ashley Calder (check out her etsy shop here:

JOURNALING SAYS: I'm pretty sure the Alsace region of France is the most picturesque place in the world! Every view is so quaint and adorable!

HOW TO: Use a Silhouette Cameo and die cut the Confetti Heart Background by Ashley Calder from kraft cardstock. Back the cardstock with a watercolor patterned paper using foam dots. Add a photo, transparency card, and a title on the top. Place wood veneer hearts inside some of the die cut hearts then drop India ink around the photo/title. Journal on the top right corner.

SUPPLIES: Patterned paper, stickers, wood veneer, transparency card: Pinkfresh Studio; Cardstock, adhesive, pen: American Crafts; India ink: ProArt; Confetti Heart Background: Ashley Calder; Die cut machine: Silhouette Cameo
 photo Colorful Sweet Strasbourg Detail by Paige Evans.jpg
I super duper pretty much LOVE this collection!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The One with the Elle's Studio August 2015 Layout

My August Elle's Studio step-by-step layout is up! Here is the page in its entirety but be sure to visit the Elle's Studio blog for the complete how to:
 photo Home Sweet Home by Paige Evans.jpg
HOME SWEET HOME by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: I love that the photo of our house is almost the same colors as the elements behind the mountains. I build my page first and add the photo last so this was meant to be!

JOURNALING SAYS: Coming home to our house after a long trip is one of my favorite parts about going on vacation! I love our nest :)

SUPPLIES: Cut file, printables, die cuts, acrylic shapes, stickers: Elle's Studio August 2015 kit; Cardstock, pen, adhesive: American Crafts; Buttons: Studio Calico; Watercolors: Loew Cornell; Die cut machine: Silhouette Cameo; Sewing machine: Brother; Thread: Coats & Clark

On this layout I used elements from the Elle's Studio August 2015 kit:

Visit the Elle's Studio blog to see how this layout came together in 5 easy steps!

Monday, August 24, 2015

The One with Peterhof, Russia

On our second day in port at St. Petersburg we loaded up on our excursion bus to drive out to the Peterhof palace.  
It was about an hour drive from the cruise port to the palace and along the way we got to see more of St. Petersburg through our bus windows. 
How beautiful is this mint green building? That color is right up my alley. 
Orthodox churches are so cool and so different from what we usually see out in Western Europe.

Along with the lovely architecture are the inevitable communist era apartment blocks that you can see all over what was once the Eastern Bloc.

Bluest of blue roofs ever!
Endless railroad tracks.
We arrived and WOW! That's all I can say.
Peter the Great's lavish palace at Peterhof sits along the Gulf of Finland west of St. Petersburg. The history of Peterhof begins back in 1705 when traveling chambers were built for Peter the Great on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. Soon, not far from this place, work began on the creation of a new imperial residence, which, Peter determined, would one day outshine all the other royal palaces of Europe.
This is Russia's Versailles and is once of the areas most popular tourist attractions. The Gгаnd Palace lies at the very heart of Peterhof and is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. In the nineteenth century the ornate Baroque interiors were embellished with Neoclassical details and light touches of Late Rococo. The palace boasts masterpieces of decorative art such as the Oak Cabinet of Peter the Great with carved panels by Nicolas Pineau; the grand staircase and golden enfilade of state apartments; the Ball Room and the Picture Gallery with 368 paintings by Pietro Antonio Rotari; the Cesme Room created for Catherine the Great in honor of Russian naval victories; the Chinese Rooms and the Throne Room with its Romanov portrait gallery... buuuuut no pictures were allowed and there was a mean museum person in every corner of every room yelling at us left and right for Fox and Jane just looking at things the wrong way. I'm only slightly exaggerating - the way they targeted us because we were the only ones with small children was annoying. But anyway. We're used to it. And sorry for no interior photos of all those things, like I said, no photos allowed, and I wasn't about to get caught trying to take some and get shipped off to Siberia! :)

It was crowded AS inside (that's gotta be some kind of fire hazard?!) so we were anxious to be done with the inside tour and head outside in the fresh air and not worry so much about Fox & Jane knocking things over.
Peter the Great planned Peterhof as the residence of a sea king. This was to be his incarnation of Russia as a great European power, with a foothold on the shores of the world's oceans, capable of competing with the finest Western courts - above all, with Versailles.
As a former residence of the Russian monarchs, Peterhof brings together the finest achievements in national and international culture. This unique complex was created by outstanding architects, decorators and sculptors, whose spectacular works of art slot perfectly into the natural beauty of the coastal landscape.
The tsar deliberately built his new residence by the sea as a triumphant symbol of the successful conclusion of Russia's long struggle for an outlet to the Baltic Sea. Peterhof was officially opened in the presence of the tsar and foreign diplomats in August 1723.
The Grand Cascade is modeled on one constructed for Louis XIV at his Château de Marly, which is likewise memorialized in one of the park's outbuildings. In the 1730s, the large Samson Fountain was placed in this pool. It depicts the moment when Samson tears open the jaws of a lion, representing Russia's victory over Sweden in the Great Northern War, and is doubly symbolic. The lion is an element of the Swedish coat of arms and one of the great victories of the war was won on St Samson's Day. From the lion's mouth shoots a vertical jet of water, the highest in all of Peterhof. This masterpiece by Mikhail Kozlovsky was looted by the invading Germans during the Second World War. A replica of the statue was installed in 1947.
The Evans Family in front of the Grand Cascade at Peterhof, Russia on Thursday July 30th 2015. Our kids are really cooperative, all the time, as you can plainly see.
The expanse of the Lower Gardens is designed in the formal style of French formal gardens of the 17th century.
Today, the museum complex stretches across five hundred hectares of territory. Dotted with sparkling fountains, the Lower Park and Upper Gardens flow effortlessly into the shady and romantic glades of Alexandria, forming a unique fusion of regular and landscape parks.

The Peterhof Museum Complex is rightfully regarded as the "capital of fountains." Included in the state register of most valuable cultural objects of the Russia, Peterhof now bears the proud title of one of the "Seven Wonders of Russia."
Garden and grounds details.

The present-day beauty of Peterhof is the result of decades of painstaking work by architects, painters, and masters of decorative and applied art. Restoration work continues even to this day.
Next stop: Tallinn, Estonia!