Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"You Never Know Who You Are Inspiring" Stitched Art

In between projects I found some free time to create a piece of stitched art to frame and hang in my future designated craft room (some day, right?!?)
 photo Inspiring by Paige Evans.jpg
The quote says: You never know who you are inspiring. Whether it's through crafts, your blog, your actions, your words... you truly never know!
 photo Inspiring Detail 2 by Paige Evans.jpg
I thought about turning it into a layout, but then it would get put away into an album only to be looked at occasionally. Putting it in a frame and hanging it on the wall means I get to stare at it f-o-r-e-v-e-r.
 photo Inspiring Detail 4 by Paige Evans.jpg
Not gonna lie, this was haaaard and tested my patience like what. I should have added a border to the words to thicken them up a bit because stitching around the teeny parts was maddening and I lost track of how many times I almost gave up and tossed it in the garbage. But I'm glad I stuck with it - just don't look too carefully ;)
 photo Inspiring Detail 1 by Paige Evans.jpg
I've already started my next stitching project... What can I say, it's addicting!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Layouts from #bbcrop in Berlin

Cathleen Kick invited me to teach at #bbcrop in Berlin the first weekend in October and I jumped at the chance! I love teaching! On Friday night I drove the 4 hours up to Berlin and admired the pink clouds from the setting sun.
We went straight to dinner and you can bet I devoured every last bite of both my dinner and dessert. Heaven!
The next morning started off a beautiful day, then there was a freak rain storm, then it was a beautiful day again. The weather in Germany is so sporadic!
For breakfast I loaded up on carbs at a nearby McDonald's. Gotta get that energy for being on my feet the next 8 hours :)
Pretty plants that remind me of Christmas. | Cathleen & me.
The workshop was held above a fire station. Nice to know we had emergency backup right below us!
All set up and ready to go.
 Let the workshop... begin!
 We made 4 layouts in 6 hours. I have to keep everyone on their toes and working at a fast pace to complete all the pages on time!

A big smile = yay!
Pop up shop.
 I got to see the super talented Laureen and Sarah again!
While everyone was stitching for a half hour I got to sit and relax for a bit. Mwhahaha, mean teacher ;)

Here are the layouts we made:
 photo Sweet Life by Paige Evans.jpg
SWEET LIFE by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: Slightly different take on the "die cut background with patterned paper pieces" from the ones I taught in Munich/Bamberg/Spain. Always a fun technique to teach and try!

JOURNALING SAYS: You loved walking around Mykonos, Greece with your sunglasses and all, and I loved all the colors :)

HOW TO: Trim Paper 07 into strips, fold the strips in half, trace the petal onto each pattern, then cut the petals out. Spray the back of the die cut with adhesive then add the patterned paper petals. Secure the petals with tape. Use dimensional adhesive to place die cut on Paper 21, carefully placing a doily behind before pressing in place. Layer photo, chipboard floral wreath sticker, top of the torn “sweet life” tag, geotag wood veneer, and banner die cut. Journal at the bottom and stamp hearts below. Cover the cluster with scratch paper then drop black paint around; set aside to dry.

SUPPLIES: Patterned paper, chipboard stickers, Thickers, die cuts, wood veneer, roller stamp: Take Me Away by Paige Evans/Pink Paislee; Cardstock, pen, adhesive: American Crafts; Watercolors: Loew Cornell; Ink: StazOn


 photo Fantastic Awesome Colors by Paige Evans.jpg

DESCRIPTION: I was trying to think of a layout that would be fun to teach so I was flipping through all the papers and found the paper blocked Paper 09 and that's when inspiration for this page struck!

JOURNALING SAYS: The colors in the town of Burano Italy are beyond anything I've ever seen before! We had so much fun just walking around taking pictures every inch of the way. You're so darling sweet Jane!

HOW TO: Trim sections from Paper 09 and a section of the gray from Paper 13 then adhere them onto Paper 04 – bend up the edges. Layer a photo over a pink frame, purple frame, and “hello, you” tag die cuts in the center. Add pony and “heck yes” chipboard stickers and “carpe diem” die cut on top. Place color-on-color chipboard stickers, die cuts, buttons, and wood veneer to the paper strips. Journal on the blue paper.

SUPPLIES: Patterned paper, chipboard stickers, Thickers, buttons, die cuts, wood veneer: Take Me Away by Paige Evans/Pink Paislee; Cardstock, pen, adhesive: American Crafts


 photo Adorbs by Paige Evans.jpg
ADORBS by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: I love finding ways to use the tearaway strips at the bottoms of all the patterned papers - waste not, want not!

JOURNALING SAYS: It's so handy far technology has come so I can just snap photos of you on a whim! No special occasion, you were just sitting on the couch enjoying your fruit juice and looking adorbs!

HOW TO: Trace the shared heart die cut using a pencil then outline the heart with adhesive – add more adhesive inside the heart. Trim off the patterned paper tabs from all of the patterned papers. Starting at the bottom and working to the top, place the patterned paper strips to fill in the heart – trim any excess to form the heart. Layer two photos on the bottom right. Tuck a blue journaling card die cut, torn bottom of a die cut tag, and pink “#loveya” tag die cut under the photos. Cut the floral wreath die cut in half and tuck the halves under the photos. Place mint chipboard heart sticker between the pictures. Create “ADORBS” title using Thickers in the middle. Create three clusters with wood veneer, chipboard stickers, and buttons then write journaling next to the title. Add roller stamping by the clusters. Place a heart chipboard sticker and heart button at the very bottom. Splatter white paint on the top left and bottom right corners then set aside to dry.

SUPPLIES: Patterned paper, chipboard stickers, Thickers, buttons, die cuts, wood veneer, roller stamp: Take Me Away by Paige Evans/Pink Paislee; Cardstock, pen, adhesive: American Crafts; Paint: FolkArt; Ink: StazOn


 photo Love You  Carpe Diem by Paige Evans.jpg
LOVE YOU by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: Grids, stitching, fussy cutting, the works!

JOURNALING SAYS: These are my all-time favorite photos of you two and my very favorite to scrapbook. All of the colored backdrops coordinate with pretty much everything!

HOW TO: Pierce a hole every 1cm through the pencil lines then erase the pencil lines. Choose 4 coordinating colors of thread and trim an arm’s length from each color – backstitch through the pierced holes. Drop watercolors (a different color in each section so 9 colors) across the page then set aside to dry. Top left: Add a photo, chipboard flower sticker, die cut frame, green bow button, and “take me away” roller stamping. Top middle: Hand cut flowers from Paper 02 and loosely adhere so the leaves bend up. Top right: Adhere photo, wood veneer hexagon, chipboard leaf and bow stickers, and hearts roller stamping. Middle left: Add “LOVE” Thickers and “YOU” wood veneer. Middle: Layer photo, floral frame and “carpe diem” chipboard stickers, and “weekend vibes” roller stamping. Middle right: Adhere wood veneer scalloped circle over “keepin’ it real” embroidery hoop die cut then adhere along with a yellow bow button – journal on the left. Bottom left: Adhere photo, chipboard leaf sticker, blue bow button, and “x”s roller stamping. Middle bottom: Hand cut flower from Paper 10 then adhere along with torn off bottom of “Love You” die cut tag. Bottom right: Layer photo, die cut frame, wood veneer circle, and “all the colors” roller stamping.

SUPPLIES: Patterned paper, chipboard stickers, Thickers, buttons, die cuts, wood veneer, roller stamp: Take Me Away by Paige Evans/Pink Paislee; Cardstock, pen, adhesive: American Crafts; Ink: StazOn; Watercolors: Loew Cornell; Floss: DMC


Thank you for the wonderful day at #bbcrop! Hope to see you all again soon!
The next time I'm teaching is at the first Birds of a Feather event in Birmingham! Can't wait!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Layouts and Stories from Spain Workshops

I was invited to teach at La Sonrisa Creativa in Valencia, Spain and Marakiscrap in Reus, Spain over the weekend of September 23rd and I had a wonderful time working and playing! Spain is amazing - we love every city we've been to and Valencia and Reus were no exception. I hope that like my Warner grandparents we can serve an 18 month mission in Madrid when we're old :)

Here is recap of all that took place that fun weekend and the layouts we made in the workshops!

I woke up bright and early on Friday September 23rd and drove an hour to the Nuremberg airport for a quick 45 minute flight to Dusseldorf, Germany. The airport in Dusseldorf still gives me heart palpitations from our disastrous time moving over here...

A board showing the weather all around Germany at the Dusseldorf airport.

We've visited every mentioned city! But, funnily enough, we haven't actually walked around Dusseldorf so if the very city this was displayed in had been on it, I wouldn't have been able to say "been there, been there, been there."

 Two hour layover in Dusseldorf and then it was off to Valencia - so very Spain!
 Lola and Lorena were there to greet me and we headed straight for her shop, La Sonrisa Creativa!

It's amazing to be in and walk around local scrapbook stores - they are SO RARE these days, so each and every one is very extra special.

 Lola's brother made this chalkboard sign - happy 4th birthday to the shop!

 Fancy Free and Take Me Away are in the house!
 Lola made these big, beautiful flowers from tissue paper!
 The cash desk is made of glass with embellies inside.
 I brought a scrapbook with me filled with recent layouts - I love looking through actual scrapbooks and seeing the dimension and textures and layers.

 Lola used to be a landscape artist and her little patio in the back offered a nice and cool breeze.
Most of the students asked me to make them a pin so this is what I came up with:

All set up and ready to go! | Class is in session!

 The first class, three layouts, was from 4:30pm-8:00pm. It was a success!

Around 9pm we headed out for dinner. Let's just say I am not on "Spain time" haha. I usually wake up at 6am and go to bed at 9pm, but 9pm is when things are just getting started in Spain. I got lasagna, it was yummy.

The next morning it was mini album making time!
 I shared a separate post all about the exploding box mini album we made.

Lorena translated, she was fantastic.

2nd day class attendees!

Afterwards I was shown the lovely town of Valencia and decided we HAVE to come back as a family!


 New favorite building in Spain:
 We went to a place called Federal for lunch and I got a chicken burger with yummy fries.
 The main part of town.

Town hall.
 Every major city in Spain needs a bull ring!

The north train station.
The inside was impeccable!

 Here's a little "lost in translation" story - I asked "Where should we go?!" and so they told me the plans for the next while. I was just trying to be funny, asking which train we should hop on and go on an adventure. My dry humor doesn't translate well :)
 Maria from Marakiscrap came and picked me up and we drove 3 hours to her home in Reus. This Chucky doll was above my bed - good thing I found it hilarious :)

The next morning we headed to Marakiscrap!

Yay for local scrapbook stores, long live scrapbooking!

We made the 3 layouts first.
Group photo from the morning session:
 We ate lunch in an old casino-turned-restaurant.

 Yummy burger and fries, again! Why change a good thing?!

Then we walked through Reus and found some dessert. This ice cream was delicious! I got a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough and a scoop of white chocolate in a cup cuz I don't like the taste cones (am I crazy?!) :)

Cute town center.
 Buildings by Gaudí.

 In the afternoon I taught the mini album workshop with a bonus layout - group photo:
Then we headed to the beach in Salou for dinner.

Sylvia (my translator), me, and Maria.
 I got a tropical pizza, it was good. Everything I ate in Spain was good!
Then I requested a nutella crepe and holy moly it was literally an inch thick with nutella! I couldn't even finish it!
 The next morning I flew from Barcelona straight to Nuremberg and went from door to door in 7 hours. Planes are amazing. This is a picture of what Chris and I refer to as "the split" which we vividly remember seeing on the drive from Nuremberg to Grafenwöhr when we moved here.

Here are the three layouts we made:
 photo Give Me All the Colors by Paige Evans.jpg

DESCRIPTION: Backing large cut shapes with blocks of patterned paper is a quick & easy way to add lots of color! Perfect for the photos which inspired the title.

JOURNALING SAYS: One of my very favorite parts about living in Germany or even Europe in general is all of the colored buildings and flowers!

HOW TO: Die cut the pentagon background from white cardstock. Trace one of the pentagons onto the backside of your chosen patterned paper and cut it out just slightly bigger. Use that pentagon as a template to cut (7) more patterned paper pentagons and (2) photos. Create a title in the center using Thickers and chipboard then journal with a black pen below. Embellish the layout with wood veneer, chipboard stickers, buttons, and die cuts. Use the roller stamp to add some stamping. Splash matching watercolors around the layout and set it aside to dry.

SUPPLIES: Patterned paper, Thickers, wood veneer, buttons, die cuts, chipboard stickers, roller stamp: Take Me Away by Paige Evans / Pink Paislee; Cardstock, pen, adhesive: American Crafts; Cut file background: Paige Evans; Die cut machine: Silhouette Cameo; Watercolors: Loew Cornell; Ink: StazOn

 photo Give Me All the Colors Detail by Paige Evans.jpg


 photo BFFS by Paige Evans.jpg
BFFS by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: I love Paper 07 because it has so many different patterns one one sheet! Perfect for teaching classes :)

JOURNALING SAYS: I hope that you cute girlies will always be friends, even if you live worlds apart. Best friends are the best and I'm so glad you two have each other!

HOW TO: Trim Paper 07 into strips of the squares, fold the strips in half, then hand cut a heart from each pattern. Figure out the placement of the hearts as well as (3) 2 ¼” square photos onto a cream cardstock background. Replace the center heart with a wood veneer heart and add “BFFS” Thickers on top. Replace another heart with a “forever & ever” embroidery hoop die cut. Adhere everything in place. Journal across the bottom. Embellish some of the hearts with a button or die cut or chipboard sticker. Use the roller stamp to add some heart stamping. Splash matching colors watercolors over some of the hearts and set aside to dry.

SUPPLIES: Patterned paper, Thickers, wood veneer, buttons, die cuts, chipboard stickers, roller stamp: Take Me Away by Paige Evans / Pink Paislee; Cardstock, pen, adhesive: American Crafts; Watercolors: Loew Cornell; Ink: StazOn

 photo BFFS Detail by Paige Evans.jpg


 photo Awesome amp So You by Paige Evans.jpg
AWESOME & SO YOU by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: This is the same layout we made at Scrappies, just with a different background and slightly different placement of embellishments.

JOURNALING SAYS: Everything about these pictures is so typically you! Our little sassafras we like to call Sweet & Sour :)

HOW TO: Splash white paint in the center working out on Paper 03 and let it dry. Fussy cut flowers from Paper 01, 02, 10, and 17. Find the center of the layout, adhere photos on opposite sides, then fill in the other sections with the flowers, bending up the edges and using dimensional adhesive. Create the title across the layout using wood veneer, Thickers, and chipboard stickers. Cut a die cut frame in half and tuck the halves under the photos. Embellish with chipboard leaf stickers and buttons. Journal on the bottom right side and add some stamping.

SUPPLIES: Patterned paper, Thickers, wood veneer, buttons, die cuts, chipboard stickers, roller stamp: Take Me Away by Paige Evans / Pink Paislee; Cardstock, pen, adhesive: American Crafts; Watercolors: Loew Cornell; Ink: StazOn; Paint: Americana

 photo Awesome amp So You Detail by Paige Evans.jpg

Here is a recap from La Sonrisa Creativa about the workshops there: http://lasonrisacreativa.blogspot.de/2016/09/4-aniversario-de-la-sonrisa-creativa.html#comment-form

And here is a recap from Marakiscrap about the workshops I taught there: http://www.marakiscrap.com/blog/nuestros-talleres-con-paige-evans/