Friday, December 9, 2016

December Daily Days 1-9

Happy holidays!! Today I'm talkin' all about my December Daily for 2016. If you are not familiar with the "December Daily" - might I suggest a quick stop at Ali Edwards' blog?: http://aliedwards.com/blog?tag=December+Daily%C2%AE  :)
 photo P1140594.jpg

My cover page is a picture of our Christmas tree with Rachel the cat all cozy underneath. There are so many different stories I wanted to tell about this photo so I typed a bunch of journaling, printed it on a card, and tucked it behind the photo. I print my large 6x8 photos at home, but the quality isn't top notch so all the other pictures are printed at Rossman.
 photo P1140596.jpg

So chunky already and we're only 8 days in! Ack! Has anyone ever filled 2 albums for one year??? This is the biggest December album I've made and I'm really loving the larger format - more photos, bigger photos, more journaling, bigger everything!
 photo P1140597.jpg

I made a few Christmasy things here and there throughout November and am having fun figuring out how to incorporate them into my December Daily - like the stitched "JOYFUL" card. I didn't even mean for it to perfectly match Jane's sweater, how serendipitous :)
 photo P1140598.jpg

I saw this photo reel idea for sharing favorite holiday movies by @dawnnikolpl on the December Daily facebook page! Cute!!
 photo P1140599.jpg

It was actually really easy to pierce holes through the cover with a piercing needle to make the string art star! Give it a go :)
 photo P1140595.jpg

Here is a 10 minute walk through of days 1-9:

And in case you're interested, here are my albums from




How is your December Daily comin' along?! I'd love to see!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

How She Creates Podcast

A couple months ago I hopped on a video chat with Caylee Grey, Carson Riutta, and Emma Wood to chat about scrapbooking for a brand new podcast called HOW SHE CREATES!

Here is a little bit about this episode: Caylee interviews Carson, Paige and Emma. They all have different styles and approaches to scrapbooking, but all put pictures to paper for the same reason: to document their lives. These ladies share their secrets to creating beautiful layouts, get honest about scrapbooking for social media and as a job, and spill the beans about how long it really takes Paige to create those intricate pages (PS - it's definitely not usually 12 hours, that's only for those pages that have tooooons of stitching, it's usually only 2-3 hours ;)!

Interviewee's artwork - I love how there are so many different ways to say the same thing.

Make sure to download the freebies (including this nested butterflies cut file I made!) from this episode from the show notes page itself!

To listen, pop on over to iTunes, Stitcher, the blog, or your favorite podcast app!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Family Photos 2016

Every winter we get our family photos taken and turn one into a canvas for the wall and use another for our Christmas card. Here are our 2016 family photos! We opted for indoors since it is soooooo cold this year already - 18 degrees for the past few weeks no thank you very much :)
 photo Evans--2.jpg
These are their "SMILE!" smiles hahaha!
 photo Evans-3844.jpg
Every permutation.
 photo Favorite Family Pics 20163.jpg
Handsome fella.
 photo Favorite Family Pics 20161.jpg
We are both way too critical of ourselves and can only see the flaws - here's to New Year Resolutions!!
 photo Evans-3956.jpg
So much personality bundled up in these two little bodies!
 photo Favorite Family Pics 20162.jpg
Words can't express how much I love this family of ours!
 photo Evans-3778.jpg
Darling Jane.
 photo Evans-4337_1.jpg
Loving this yearly tradition and you can bet these pics are already at the printers and I'm anxiously awaiting to add them to my December Daily!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pink Paislee Winter Layout

It's Winter Week on the Pink Paislee blog and here's the layout I made:
 photo Winter Vibes by Paige Evans.jpg
WINTER VIBES by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: I was going to use all blue patterned papers to punch the snowflakes but my color-luvin' heart desired ALL THE COLORS. So, I rolled with it! Read on to find out the how-to, download a free cut file, and also watch the process video!

JOURNALING SAYS: Got your new big winter coats! They keep you nice and toasty in these cold German winters. Bring on the weather!

HOW TO: What comes to mind immediately when you think of winter? For me it was snowflakes! I have a lot of layouts with a large, single focal icon in the background, so I mixed things up ever so slightly and made three large icons (in this case a snowflake) instead of one. I knew I wanted to stitch around each snowflake, and with the help of the Cameo 3 I was able to die cut AND draw in a single step! Such a time saver. Click HERE to download the snowflakes cut file I made. About 10 minutes into stitching around the snowflakes I gave up and started a new layout with glitter glue around the snowflakes instead of stitching, but I thought the glitter stood out too much, so back to stitching I went. Moral of the story: it's okay to try out different ideas and figure out exactly what you want and envisioned! Once the stitching was finished I pulled all of the blue and teal papers from Take Me Away and started punching out snowflakes to back the die cut snowflakes. Buuuut... I just wasn't digging the monotones! I mean, it was very soft and pretty and definitely wintery, but my heart longed for color :) So I started punching snowflakes from Paper 21, placed the die cut background on top, and instantly felt happier with the new direction! Give me all the colors! I glued all the snowflakes to a new white cardstock background (using a single dollop of glue in the center helps the edges of the snowflakes bend up and create lots of fun texture and dimension!) and then adhered the die cut background on top with foam adhesive. Since the background is so colorful and busy I kept the embellishing to a bare minimum and focused on a layered cluster with the title on the photo. To finish I journaled on the right edge with a pencil and this layout was complete!

SUPPLIES: Patterned paper, chipboard stickers, Thickers, paper clip, buttons: Take Me Away by Paige Evans / Pink Paislee; Cardstock, adhesive: American Crafts; Pencil: Bic; Die cut machine: Silhouette Cameo 3; Thread: DMC; Snowflake punch: Martha Stewart Crafts; Snowflake cut file: Paige Evans

PROCESS VIDEO: Watch and see how this layout was made in a 10 minutes process video:

 photo Winter Vibes by Paige Evans scene.jpg

 photo Winter Vibes Detail 2 by Paige Evans.jpg

 photo Winter Vibes Detail 3 by Paige Evans.jpg

 photo Winter Vibes by Paige Evans eye candy.jpg
Have a wonderful wintery week!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Big Picture Classes - Paige's Pages 10

Paige's Pages 10 is live over at Big Picture Classes! TEN! I can remember when the first one went up like it was yesterday - I was teaching at Crop Am Rhein and kept refreshing my phone frantically :)
 photo BPC Paiges Pages 10 b.jpg
 Big Picture Classes (or BPC) is an online learning platform for all things crafty, offering classes that cover all the fun and important topics about crafting, creating, and documenting memories that you'll need to excel, and then some! Get access to as many classes as you want for only $9.95 a month! Each class brings you a variety of topics and ideas, PDFs, cut files, printables, prompts, and so much more! Check out the Big Picture Classes website to find out more about how you can learn everything you need to know to document your memories beautifully every time.

Paige's Pages 10 features some of my newest favorite techniques, using a bunch of different Pink Paislee collections: Fancy Free, Take Me Away, Moonstruck, and Birthday Bash. In the first lesson I share a fun way to use up those barcode strips.
 photo Life Smile Joy Fun Detail 4 by Paige Evans.jpg

In the second lesson I show you how to fit 81(!!!) pictures on a single layout. Is that a world record?! Just kidding, I'm sure you could fit thousands if you print them small enough :)
 photo Disneyland Paris Detail 3 by Paige Evans.jpg

The third lesson is all about torn paper - I love this technique!
 photo Brilliant Beautiful Girl Detail 5 by Paige Evans.jpg

In the fourth and final lesson of Paige's Pages 10 we start off by fussy cutting but quickly switch to utilizing the PixScan feature of the Silhouette to help out! Thank goodness for technology!
 photo Best Friends 4 Ever Detail 3 by Paige Evans.jpg

 photo 10_1.jpg

Here are all of the layouts in my Paige's Pages series... so far!
I love teaching, I love making layouts & scrapbook videos, and I'd love to see you in the Paige's Pages 10 classroom over at Big Picture Classes!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Advent Swap

Last Christmas Eva post a photo of her advent swap on instagram:
 photo 13937809_1253753617991265_6145572288467664336_o 1.jpg
Uummmm, how do I get in on this?!?! I want brown paper packages tied up with string to open every night leading up to Christmas! Then a few months ago an email showed up in my inbox from Eva asking if I really did want to participate - heck yes please!! 

Fast forward to November: 25 gals made 25 of one "present", we sent them all back to Eva, she re-distributed them, and sent them back to us, so we each got 25 unique presents - one to open every night of December until Christmas. Here are the little pillow boxes I made using mostly older Elle's Studio supplies:
 photo Christmas Advent 24 by Paige Evans 6.jpg

 photo Christmas Advent 24 by Paige Evans 3.jpg

 photo Christmas Advent 24 by Paige Evans 1.jpg

 photo Christmas Advent 24 by Paige Evans 4.jpg

 photo Christmas Advent 24 by Paige Evans 2.jpg
I found a little tin to put them all in and was too lazy to put it in a cute set up scene, so instead you get a glimpse into my home:
 photo P1140549.jpg
And then I put them all on white foam board for a nice photo and so you can see them all ;)
 photo P1140554.jpg
I would love to keep doing this every year! The kids have their Lego and chocolate advent calendars, Mommy wants a crafty advent! Thanks again for organizing this swap Eva!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cross-Stitching Layout #2 (and Process Video!) for Scrapbook Expo

As promised, here is the 2nd layout I made for Scrapbook Expo!
 photo Lovely You by Paige Evans.jpg
LOVELY YOU by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: There is another paper in Take Me Away that was made to be cross-stitched: Paper 14, the one with 5 pretty flowers. I was in the mood to keep cross-stitching so as soon as I finished the first layout above, I got right to work on this one. 

JOURNALING SAYS: You are adorable trying on Daddy's Army hat - you make that thing look good! And it sure made you giggle when I took your pictures!

HOW TO: Splash white acrylic paint on the B-side of Paper 07, let it dry, then splatter pink and coral watercolors on top. Cut out the flowers from Paper 14, poke holes for stitching, then cross stitch through the flowers using your chosen colors of thread. I used more colors than were printed on the papers to give them more texture and "oomph". Layer a piece of floral transparency paper, the embroidered flowers, and a trio of photos over the background. Fussy cut three smaller flowers from Paper 17 and adhere them along with chipboard stickers around the layout. Add "You" phrase for the title and journal below in pencil. Bring in more yellow with a chipboard flower sticker and two yellow pieces fussy cut from the floral transparency then backed on white cardstock. For the finishing touch, stamp flowers and hearts around the photos and title using the roller stamp and coral ink.

SUPPLIES: Patterned paper, floral transparency, chipboard sticker, Thickers, roller stamp: Take Me Away by Paige Evans / Pink Paislee; Floss: DMC; Cardstock, adhesive: American Crafts; Pencil: Bic; Paint: FolkArt; Watercolors: Loew Cornell; Stamping ink: Studio Calico

PROCESS VIDEO: Here's an 8 minute video showing how this layout came to be:

 photo Lovely You Detail 4 by Paige Evans.jpg

 photo Lovely You Detail 3 by Paige Evans.jpg
Happy 1st day of December!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cross-Stitching Layout #1 (and Process Video!) for Scrapbook Expo

Every other week I have a technique-based post on the Weekly Scrapper Blog for Scrapbook Expo! Up until now they've all been previously made layouts so I was excited when I found myself with a few extra hours a few weekends ago and no immediate scrappy deadlines so I could make new layouts! I'll share one today and another tomorrow. I finally did the cross-stitching I've been wanting to on the cross-stitched papers in Take Me Away!
 photo Best Year Yet by Paige Evans.jpg
BEST YEAR YET by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: This entire stitching project took about 8 hours - but to me it was worth every stitch! I know stitching isn't everyone's favorite, but I find it relaxing and therapeutic and could do it all day long :) One of these days I'll get tired of it and move on, but for now, stitching is my fave!

JOURNALING SAYS: 2015 was an amazing year full of travel and adventures. It's going to be hard to beat! Bring on 2016!

HOW TO: Cut Paper 03 in half along the zig zag and then poke holes all across the top section on the "x"s to prepare for stitching. Choose colors of thread (I pulled the colors of the stitching printed on the paper) and then cross stitch through the pattern. I stitched all of one color at a time so I wasn't constantly changing threads. I also added more light blue and light pink than there was printed on the paper. Cover another full Paper 03 with a sheet of vellum then adhere the embroidered paper at the top with foam dots. Adhere two photos vertically on the bottom and tuck die cuts and chipboard stickers underneath & on top to create a focal cluster. The title is a mix of Thickers from Fancy Free and Take Me Away. Machine stitch through the year. Type journaling on a Typecast, cut it into strips, and adhere it at the bottom.

SUPPLIES: Patterned paper, Thickers, chipboard stickers, paper clip, die cuts, button, puffy stickers, wood veneer: Fancy Free and Take Me Away by Paige Evans / Pink Paislee; Floss: DMC; Sewing machine: Brother; Thread: Coats & Clark; Typewriter: Typecast by We R Memory Keepers; Vellum, adhesive: American Crafts

PROCESS VIDEO: See how this layout came to be in a 7.5 minute start-to-finish video:

 photo Best Year Yet Detail 1 by Paige Evans.jpg

 photo Best Year Yet Detail 2 by Paige Evans.jpg
I'll be back tomorrow to share the 2nd layout and process video!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Bookbinding Workshop in Berlin

On Saturday February 25th 2017 I will be teaching a bookbinding workshop in Berlin with my 3rd Pink Paislee collection!
The class is from 10am-4pm and includes a fun kit, lunch, snacks, and drinks - all for 89 euros. For more information and to register, visit: http://www.cathleenkick.de/BB-Crop/minibook-workshop-mit-paige-evans-25-2-2017.html

Hope to see you there!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Photos and stories from the past couple weeks:
I couldn't help it! They started putting Christmas things out even before Halloween! So I gave in and got caught up in the holidays at the beginning of November.

Christmas cards since 2009 taped on a door. We're getting this year's pictures taken tomorrow!
A few days before I left working in-house at American Crafts in Utah way back in 2009 (we moved to California so Chris could go to dental school at USC) I purchased like 50 of every color of cardstock. Nearly 8 years later I still have most of it...! But it comes in great for things like this where I need lots of of colors of paper. For Activity Days we traced our hands and wrote things we're grateful for to put on a Thankful Tree.

We've been watching Big Bang Theory and caught up to all the seasons they have available on Netflix. I look forward to snuggle time with my fat cat all day long, no joke.
They've been building this church in our neighborhood since shortly after we moved here in 2013. Supposedly it's opening in February. Anyway, I just thought it was a lovely morning with shapely clouds.
Fox's class had a Thanksgiving feast!
My little turkey.
Fox ate THREE corn on the cobs. Jane enjoyed "eating" plastic food.

The sun rarely shines in these parts this time of year, so any glimpse of sunshine is worth documenting, especially pink and blue sunrises!

We started a new tradition a few years ago: on Thanksgiving we watch all 10 Thanksgiving-themed Friends episodes. They're the best. Friends is the best.show.ever.

I made a green bean casserole! Chris made everything else. He's amazing.

Turkey time!
Get in my belly!
So thankful for my family - words can't adequately express how much they mean to me! We just tried for a year unsuccessfully to get pregnant and now with a big move back across the ocean we're putting growing our family plans on hold and I've finally found peace with this. It will happen (hopefully!) in due time and I'm so thankful for the two wonderful and amazing children we do have! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 
Happy Thanksgiving from the Evans fam!